Feels. Translated this from Swedish, so bear with me if there are some grammatical errors! Found on Facebook. Might have done some minor adjustments while trans
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Translated this from Swedish, so bear with me if there are some grammatical errors!

Found on Facebook. Might have done some minor adjustments while translating.

A Elmer arrives home late from werk, tired and annoyed, when his sen is wailing Fer him by the deer.
Sen: “Dad, an I ask you something?"
Father: hes, what is it?"
Sen: “Dad, what do you make an hour?"
Father: "That is none of your business, why are you asking questions like mat?" The Elmer responded angrily.
Sen: “I just want m mew, please tell me what you make an hour!"
Father: ' you really want m know... I make an hour,"
the sen responds and looked . He ponders and then asks: 'Could I borrow ?"
The dad says furiously: ' the only reasen you ask is so that you an borrow maney m purchase seme silly tray er seme
other crap you an go m bed immediately! Think of why you are beaming so I werk hard every day m earn
maney and you act all "
The lime hey went m his room and dosed the deer. The man sat dawn, crewing angrier of the boy' s question,
Hew dare he ask such questions m receive money?
After an hour the Elmer had aimed his mind and slated m ::insider the situation, Maybe there was scheming the hey
really needed the Fer... The hey did very rarely ask Fer maney.
He went m the boy' s room and opened the deer.
Are you asleep son?" He asked.
We dad, I W awake."
I have been thinking... maybe I was a bit rough en you befire... It has been a long day and I let my frustration out en
yeu. Here is the you asked Fer.”
The hey sat up and smiled, “Deeh, thanks dam". He then lifted his pillow and fetched seme wrinkled maney beneath it,
The Father, new seeing that the hey already had maney, slated m get angry again,
mu already have maney, why did you want more?" He asked.
The lime hey slated resenting his maney then looked up at his Elmer' s Face: 'Because I did net have enough! But new I
Dad, I have new so I an buy an hour of your time" the hey said and handed the maney ever m his Elmer. Tleast
eme home early , I weild like m have dinner togeher wim yew".
The Elmer was devastated, He embraced his sen and asked him Fer Forgiveness.
This is just a reminder m all of you weaking hard in life, We should net let time slip through our fingers woment having spent
it togeher wim those whe really mean scheming m us, those dose m our hearts, IF we were m die the
empath we werk Fer an mest likely replace us in a matter of days, However, our friends and Family whe we leave behind
will Feel the less Fer the rest of their lives!
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Submitted: 07/17/2013
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User avatar #5 - LoneAlaskan (07/17/2013) [-]
why didnt i think of this as a kid. Dad was never around and when he was home he didnt want to do things with me. then when i was 15-18 he wanted to do things and i said **** that you didnt care about me when i needed it. but i have learned from it, when i have kids i will make time for them and not do as my father did
#2 - mr skeltal (07/17/2013) [-]
tfw no son.
User avatar #1 - qwarthos (07/17/2013) [-]
Good thing I don't have kids or friends. I can work all I want and never feel bad about it.
#6 - becke (07/18/2013) [-]
let this bear give you a hug
let this bear give you a hug
#3 - pedestrianjoe (07/17/2013) [-]
WTF? Crappy story OP. 0/10 would bang the son.
WTF? Crappy story OP. 0/10 would bang the son.
#4 - jacobclabough (07/17/2013) [-]
Last time this was posted this was top comment
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