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Dog love

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Submitted: 11/18/2012
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#1 - sepheroth (11/18/2012) [+] (13 replies)
I used to have a spider like that. His name was Kevin. But he's dead now!

#15 - brizzle (11/19/2012) [+] (2 replies)
this guy...
#25 - dacheez (11/20/2012) [-]
my dog did the same. This was my little dog, got put down on the 29 of october 2012, he had 4 tumours in his stomach :'( but the picture is how he slept haha! he was great
#23 - turtlefucker (11/19/2012) [-]
Just got a puppy a few weeks ago.
He's the sweetest thing ever, and I've never even heard of a puppy being so well behaved in all of my life.

I've fallen for the little fart so hard, so fast.
#20 - loszombis (11/19/2012) [+] (3 replies)
Mine does that too.. even if shes feeding her pups she at least wag at me
(pic of her and her babies last week)
#35 to #20 - jennathedog **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#22 - Childofindigo (11/19/2012) [-]
Speaking as someone who lost their dog almost a year go and buried her in the back yard...
Love your dog. Hug them every chance you get. Never take them for granted.
I buried her a week before Christmas, but I still miss her.
User avatar #21 - whywouldyou (11/19/2012) [-]
If im up at 3AM and fo into my living room to see my dog he'll be all like, "You ******* serious?"
#19 - jscottcc (11/19/2012) [-]
I love my doggy! :D Even though she is a bit derpy at times...

>pic highly related
User avatar #18 - knightguy (11/19/2012) [-]
my dog started her period a couple days ago. I'm about to be in a car with her for 6 hours while we drive to our family's house for thanksgiving
#16 - xmenfan (11/19/2012) [-]
If you wake him, he looks at you angrily
#14 - cobrafan (11/19/2012) [-]
I got to see my dog today! Kinda sucks living on campus because of that.
User avatar #13 - XXBIOHAZARDXX (11/19/2012) [-]
Then you realize that your dog has been dead for three months as of now.
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