Carolean feels. Got mitt uns. 16 years old 2: -Just married the love of my life is prego is rough but nice iwork the fields eeat porridge all the time mean ALL  varan konung har talat
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Carolean feels

16 years old
2: -Just married the love of my life
is prego
is rough but nice
iwork the fields
eeat porridge all the time
mean ALL the time
has in I have nayer eaten
anything else since I stopped
being breastfed
Phreaking love porridge
day the king' s men come to my village
tell us we are at war with Denmark, Norway, Germany, Russia and
up all the males
epick every 10th in lines
get picked
gget told to pack my things
to war
it never changes
fiight all over europe, defending my home
2: -see eight out of my nine friends die by shitting themselves to death
tthe ninth guy gets shot by Ivan
bbe in constant agony for over fifteen years
ikill people
asit in russian internment camp
do it all for my family and my country
need to keep them safe
fiinally escape after I strangle the guard to death with one of my cellmates
pstart walking
AWALK back to my homeland
months later
in Stockholm
mu is scorched by russian raiders
appearently we are going to invade Norway new
balance at the road back to my village befire I volounteer to the officers
in norway sucks
bbetter than russia though
bbe laying in trench around fort
king approaching with his entourage
yhe approaches me and sits down next to me, looking over the top
am about to tell him to put his fucking head down but realise he is the
yhe looks at me with an amused look on his face
Don' t be scared my fria-"
jkings head
yhis brains are all over me
tthe bodyguards carry him away
two years later
arrive at my farm
mthree quarters of the army never made it back through the mountains
lost my right hand
awalk up to the door and call for my wife
man answers the door
chear babies crying in the background
2: -see my wife carrying a small child
sshe jumps when she sees me
tbells me to go away
tthe man starts to shut the door
vwhen the door is almost closed [scream at her to tell me where my child is
sshe says my sen died fighting in Finland last year
wlecome homeless in Stockholm
gget stabbed and robbed by street kids
llook up into the stars
out in the cold winter night
MMFW I lest my hand, my youth, my marriage, my sen and my innocence
fighting for my country
MMFW I remember all whe did the same
MMFW I would gladly do it again
MMFW my countrymen 300 years later spit on the memery of me, calling me
a worldkiller and a racist
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