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(07/13/2013) [-]
It seems like friends you make over the internet/online just seem to be so much better than "friends" in real life. The strange part about it is that it seems to happen a lot with people. Me, for example, have a friend who's one of two friends I have IRL. The other one is cool, and he is a thieving, lying, dumbass who is a huge pyro and doesn't know how to treat guns right (In fact, he ******* blew a hole in the ceiling of my house with his dad's shotgun, and that's just one of the many gun stories I have of him being a *******.) . On the other hand, I have friends I met on dA and alike who help me when I'm down, are funny, nice, and are just generally cool people. In my case, I just don't have anybody where I live here who is like me (i.e. goes on the same parts of the internet, is into the same stuff as me, etc.) .