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What the hell, I posted this before and it went well, might as well repost this.

There is a difference between sadness and depression.

Imagine life as a song. During a good or happy point, the song becomes upbeat and fast. When at a sad part, it becomes slow and more somber.

Many people go through their lives dramatically, claiming to be sad all the time and expecting attention. This is not true depression. This kind of sorrow or dramatic sadness is another part of the song; a loud, slow, melodramatic tune that is blared to every other person who will listen to it. Even if they believe in their own sorrow, or if they have a reason to be truly sad, their sorrow is a cry to all who would hear it. It's just another bar in life's song.

Depression is....silence. Emptiness. A lack of music, a lack of life. Depression isn't a hard or sad life, it's a lack of life itself. It makes living pointless, reduces our daily tasks to mere survival. Those who are under the effects of depression don't expect or call for help, because they don't expect to be saved. They don't know what it means to truly be alive.

They might lash out. They might have mood swings or do strange things. At times, they might even experience joy or happiness. But this isn't real. They're not trying to get attention or to make a scene or play out of their pain.

It's a cry. A scream in the darkness. They call out and tear their voices apart in the effort to scream as loud as they can, because they just want to hear something. ANYthing. They just want the never ending silence around them to end. They beg, plead, cry, scream... They do anything they can to make it go away, to hear the music of life.

And they are only rewarded with silence.
....So much silence...
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The first thing you described (somewhat inaccurately albeit) is dysthymia, which is a chronic depressive state disorder. You never get out of it and are always experiencing the symptoms, but, the symptoms are not as severe as depression, which is cyclical, they have times of zero to close to zero depression symptoms, then they will get the fall and they will sink very low, and it lasts for months, then they will climb back out, and fall again.
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Dysthymic disorder, major depressive disorder, and bipolar disorder are all considered "depression".
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Exactly, he was saying they were different.