A super dad. found this a long time ago, since all the feels have been going around might as well share this. sorry if repost. I I seem to Baww threads to vent. feels Super Dad
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A super dad

found this a long time ago, since all the feels have been going around might as well share this. sorry if repost

I I seem to Baww threads to vent. Anonymous ( Sat) Na.
Hey ml
I have samething fer yew
I figured a baww thread like this weild be the best place fer it.
Abaut 9 years age, I had my sen, Jordyn. Freud father at Itt. . hks education. He mather. Nothing. She left a year after he was bent. I saved up fer! -I years I eould put myself
through and get a werth while Nb. One my sen eould be pread tat. One my sen eould say his friends and they leek at him like he had a third eye er samething.
I went medical and we amend in ambulances. Responding Gal" wrecks and web. Seeing same pretty slim stuff. My sen eould mt say "My daddy' s a dieter" but he eould say
My daddy saves heaf He called me superdad and said I was the best here in the werld. He' d make up stories abaut how I eould fly and saved peeple frem falling reeks and ether silly
I wake up en a Tuesday kind early. Very early, in fast, three mum early. I felt slum. I almost called eff. By new my sen was ft. He get en the bus that stepped right outside em’ house.
I got pie ked up by Trinity, the guy wha drew the ambulance. He said we had Q at that instant. We get a hem ble week where a bus had flipped ever. 3 kids died. One was pinned
under the bus. Jordyn.
It was MY sen.
He saw me and started calling "DADDY! MY LEG DADDY! MY CHEST HURTS TOO!"
I ran him and called tar help. He leeked at me with tears in his eyes and Guts en his face. He anly said we last thing.
Superdad? Can mu lift the bus eff me?"
I couldn‘ t budge it.
RIP. .Verdun - 2009
r" eur Daddy will always kwe yew.
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Submitted: 06/12/2012
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#4 - teff (06/12/2012) [-]
phew.. that one was a bit tougher on the tear canal than i predicted
phew.. that one was a bit tougher on the tear canal than i predicted
User avatar #3 - vacillantfall (06/12/2012) [-]
Wow... That's traumatizing if true :/
#13 - teufelshunde (01/27/2013) [+] (2 replies)
#2 - Thesablesword (06/12/2012) [-]
sorry if I took it from /b/ everyone. I'm usually against posting their stuff on here but anted to share is all. now awaiting red thumbs
#11 - bukkakeninja (06/13/2012) [-]
well im done that almost made me have watery eyes
User avatar #10 - couragewolf ONLINE (06/13/2012) [-]
oh god...thats horrible... my feels had feels on this one. i think im done with the internet for today
#9 - Turtleboner (06/13/2012) [-]
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#8 - misterbonzo (06/13/2012) [-]
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#7 - anonymous (06/13/2012) [-]
here, keep my feels i don't need them
#6 - anonymous (06/12/2012) [-]
similar story, experienced by me

>just graduated police academy, first day on duty
> settling in with wife and boy of 6
>get called out to the motorway for an accident
>get to the scene of the accident see same car wife drives
>feeling weird
> ambulance personnel tells me there was one woman and a little boy involved
> ****** .jpg
>see little boy get pulled out of car by the firemen
> same size, haircut and sweater as son had this morning
>fall to my knees
>they get him out and lay him on the ground
>not my son
>cry nontheless
>get the job of telling the husband
> ******* feels ******* everywhere
got more if you fancy a feel
sry if bad english. its late and im full of feels from this channel
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