Lesser Known Fallout Facts part 4. Part one: /channel/fallout/Lesser+Known+Fallout+Facts/wmvzGjz/ Part two: /channel/fallout/Lesser+Known+Fallout+Facts+part+2/L Fallout headshot Albino deathclaw Khans explosives Junktown
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Lesser Known Fallout Facts part 4

Lesser Known Fallout Facts part 4. Part one: /channel/fallout/Lesser+Known+Fallout+Facts/wmvzGjz/ Part two: /channel/fallout/Lesser+Known+Fallout+Facts+part+2/L

Part one: /channel/fallout/Lesser+Known+Fallout+Facts/wmvzGjz/
Part two: /channel/fallout/Lesser+Known+Fallout+Facts+part+2/LowzGYb/
Part three: /channel/fallout/Lesser+Known+Fallout+Facts+part+3/RtGBLEg/

I've decided to make three more parts, making a total of five. You all already seem so informed about Fallout.
This Fact comp was made with the help of electrickwalrus.Thanks friend!
If you want to watch Game Theory's comments on Fallout's headshot go here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNTCRBArJ38

You guys do seem to like these comps. But it's only one left now. I've been meaning to make a thing on the final part. I'll leave the facts in the comments, fact by fact, and then YOU will thumb up your favorite fact from these comps. You can thumb two facts, I guess. But Is that something I should do? Please comment what you think.

If You'll allow me I'll direct you attention to 'Just Wastelander Things'. I think they're funny, and they're made by my friend siksiksikki.

*JWT1* /channel/fallout/Just+Wastelander+Things/zRDBLmE/
*JWT2* /channel/fallout/Just+Wastelander+Things+2/jyDBLwl/
*JWT3* /channel/fallout/Just+Wastelander+Things+3+Code+Veronica/qBGBLdO/
*JWT4* /channel/fallout/Just+Wastelander+Things+4+Stretching/jyGBLwl/

Also, if you got some good Fallout OC you'd want to post please do so in our beloved fallout channel: /channel/fallout
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