Fallout gun facts: Part II. As promised, more Fallout weapons facts. Links to weapons H&K SMG2: Vz. 61: world.guns.ru/userfiles/images/smg/smg26/sa61-361.jp Fallout three new vegas gus Weapons facts good time me Love You Lots
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Fallout gun facts: Part II

Fallout weapons facts
Fallout 3 edition, part 2
The anygame SHE bears a close resemblance to the Shii project
prototype, but features minor elements from other , such
as Yr. 61 and him, as well as bearing a minor
resemblance to the Knights Armament PDK. In real life, there are very few
Shiis and carbines chambered in Automatic, most notably is the
MPA/ 10, used by the FBI HRT and other various LE departments.
The .32 Pistol is manufactured by Smith & Wesson in game, and is based off
of the S& U Second model Revolver. The .32 Caliber round is a widely used
round for pocket guns, often used for Concealed weapons Carrying. It is a
more than adequate man killer, and is known more commonly in Europe as
7. Browning.
The combat Shotgun is notably similar to the Soviet made
Shpagina" SHE, Chambered in 7. 62x25 Tokarev. Similarities include the
safety within the trigger guard, the muzzle break, the vented heat shield,
a drum Magazine, the sights, and even its reloading operation is similar
to the way one reloads a .
The Chinese assault rifle is very summative of the Chinese weapons
complex. That is: It' s a clone of many clones. The Chinese assault rifle
is clearly a member of the Kalashnikov family, but is also made of parts
from its cousins. Notably, the folding stock is reflective of the Chinese
made Type , Rear sights and handguard of the Soviet made kim (note:
Not a member of the Kalashnikov family), and the muzzle device looks
similar to many used on the Soviet bloc models and their clones. Tet
it fires 5. , like the Norinco Type M, but has the "Banana" style
magazine, signifying it is a 7. 62x39 Cartridge. In game, it is
manufactured by Norinco, and was originally supposed to be used to arm the
Chinese sympathizers in the United States, with a goal of getting them to
overthrow the US government. -
Links to all real world images of each and every gun mentioned in -
content in description. Unique weapons will be done win their own part
content in the near future. Thanks for reading, and watch for Deathclaws.
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