Fallout New Vegas Legendary Creatures. I was going to upload this next week. But because I like you guys, you can have it earlier. “Legendary bloatfly The legen
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Fallout New Vegas Legendary Creatures

I was going to upload this next week. But because I like you guys, you can have it earlier.

“Legendary bloatfly
The legendary variant is found in Big MT in the mysterious cave. It is considerably larger than the normal bloatfly and has a pale green aura, making it easier to spot in the cave. It also flies much higher, making striking it with melee weapons difficult. Unlike normal bloatflies, it fires an extremely high damage plasma-like projectile from its tail and it will explode like a plasma grenade when killed, leaving a goo pile instead of a corpse. The strength of its plasma attack is such that it can kill even high level players with just a few shots. Its brain can be targeted in V.A.T.S., which will cause it to frenzy when it's crippled. Like Gabe, the legendary bloatfly's immense size is suggested to be caused by a massive intake of chems, notably Buffout and Psycho. It has twice the health of the legendary deathclaw, and deals nearly twice the damage.”

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Submitted: 05/01/2014
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#12 - mattdoggy (05/02/2014) [+] (2 replies)
Now i am become death, the destroyer of worlds
#6 - anonymous (05/01/2014) [-]
I thought the legendary bloatfly would be a joke. I'd already taken down the other 4 and assumed it would be easy.

I will never underestimate Fallout again.
#10 - hazador (05/02/2014) [-]
>MFW finding the legendary deathclaw by accident.
#1 - letrollzor ONLINE (05/01/2014) [+] (1 reply)
MFW fighting Cazadores
MFW fighting Cazadores
User avatar #21 - roflstorm (05/02/2014) [+] (3 replies)

> Beat the game
> Wandering around the Mojave
> Outside Sloan.
> See Chomps and snuffles for the first
> Suddenly, red dot
> Look to my right and see baby deathclaw
> Hauling ass towards Chomps
> Wonder if he could take him.
> Nope.jpg
> Chomps gets chomped
> VATS the damn things head to smithereenies
> Take the note and vow revenge on the reptilian dinosaur piece of **** menace
#24 to #23 - roflstorm (05/02/2014) [-]
> 40ft T-rex already on my tukhus
> Feel it start lubing his claws up
> Panic VATS
> headshot 100%
> ohlawdinheavun.png
> Mini nuke his toothy gabber
> Ubloodywellfocknwot?.png
< MFW It ******* tickled it
> I swear on me mum, it ******* smiled
> ******* run like no tom-
> One last swipe and i visit Chris Hadfield in the ******* Mesosphere

> Serously, I was just about 3/5th through the quarry and i get hit so ******* hard i clear the huge ass rocky ridge across the tracks and damn near close to another death claw nest.

AMFW the game thought it would tickle their ballsacks if they spawned a legendary alphamale Deathclaw. Sonofabitch could take outthe mythical Gojira in a hit if it tried
#28 - sircool (05/02/2014) [-]
MFW bloatfly was hardest of the lot of them.
MFW bloatfly was hardest of the lot of them.
#41 - sparox (05/02/2014) [+] (3 replies)
N̲o̘̦̤t̤ ev̦̗e͎n͖͖ d͖̯̯̭̦ea̪̠t͔h̥ c̥a͔̠n̯̲̤ ̘̠̲̭s̹̤̟a̘̲͖v̗͕͔e y̮o̹͔u̜̣͔ ͎f̗̘̘̲r͔͔̪o̪m̱ ̘͖m͕̜̲e͈̪̜.̭͔͖̥̦
#43 to #41 - lordgeneral ONLINE (05/02/2014) [-]
wrong picture, bro
User avatar #11 - heartlessstoner (05/02/2014) [-]
Shotgun surgeon +100 gun
+ Riot shotgun
Gg cave full of deathclaws.
#48 - thetunnelsnakes (05/02/2014) [-]
The legendary bloatfly was the single most ******** enemy ever, why is the bitch ass bloatfly harder to kill than the legendary deathclaw. Why thelizaedlord, why Bethesda, why dad, why?
#45 - captaindropkik (05/02/2014) [+] (1 reply)
you missed the legendary radscorpion in the fire station?!?
User avatar #47 to #45 - thelizardlord (05/02/2014) [-]
That is a radscorpion Queen, not a legendary.
#19 - xxdarkdanxx (05/02/2014) [-]
When I first found the legendary Bloatfly, I thought it would die rather easily.... wrong
I then thought "Well it can't do THAT much damage..." I got hit twice, TWICE, and Sir Count Baron of Woodburrow's adventures came to an end...
#14 - jleblucypher (05/02/2014) [-]
MFW killing a group of Cazadors then deathclaws decide to join the party
MFW killing a group of Cazadors then deathclaws decide to join the party
#16 - anonymous (05/02/2014) [-]
i beat the **** out of the legendary deathclaw with a power fist and some chems
#15 - anonymous (05/02/2014) [-]
User avatar #9 - thelizardqueen (05/01/2014) [-]
HAAHAHAHAHAHHAH Why dont you go make some friends with salamanders I am sure thay will maybe take you
User avatar #8 - handsomestalin (05/01/2014) [-]
Goddamn legendary Cazador almost made my cry like a little bitch...
User avatar #7 - acask (05/01/2014) [-]
then i punch it in the face and walk away
#4 - wave (05/01/2014) [+] (1 reply)
they also made the Blatfly the strongest of themm all, both in terms of HP and damage
User avatar #2 - FunkMastaNickyNick (05/01/2014) [-]
Say what you will about the Bloatfly, he's not that easy to take down when you're doing an all physical run.
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