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#212 - zombiepyroninja
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(07/05/2012) [-]
Anyone hear about Requiem for a Capital Wasteland? It's a mod that combines both New Vegas and 3 allowing your NV character to take a trip into the Capital wasteland with every quest, DLC, and location ( of course you have to have FO3 + DLC's) anywho... the most recent version of the mod got taken down and on the morning that it was taken down i was able to download it. As a Fallout fan it feels kind of sucky that such a mod should just waste away especially now seeing all these Fallout fans on FJ so i have to ask, the mod was taken down for licensing reasons (cant have Bethesda content in an obsidian game without both parties permission) I don't own the mod, I'm just a fan who wants to spread the glory of playing 2 Fallout games as one massive fallout adventure. But anyways What should i do with the zips? Upload them to a site? what site? anyone actually want this? Anyone actually reading this far? O_O (PC edition of course)