Overly Attached Girlfriend. Dat cray.. an glee mm angry eyebrows av something. ‘(nu mom consider tha when no were gettig l dune) waved for a turtle mth when no  Crazy bitches
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Overly Attached Girlfriend

an glee mm angry eyebrows
av something. ‘(nu mom consider tha
when no were gettig l dune)
waved for a turtle mth when no
told the my no were gamma get my Face
istead, he glee no
11 yous no
could have prepared
11 yous ago
Exam a my
and many a
mach or sanity.
11 hours no so 2
no know my hunky
no Gyms warn so sans
Amy. he' s (Item the my may any hear
no upl
11 yous no oz
11 yous no so 1
T, uas y; the any or
11 yous no oz
y; tha my real)
yous no so 1
becourse so
Hey baby, wwanted to show you in person, but
my gonna be in Calgary a may longer than I
1 But anyways, Thanks
again so much for my 719 for t, the spa was
the ' s ift a I could ask for.
sh 3 people .
D I may:
R 12 hours no
I T --tairy yam mac devoted)
A. Ausum' s really Liketo have no says.
mars so sweet of no 1
fr - Thanks Maya. l hurt, my
my my hurt we -1
12 hams no
G navy y! you l love TFW
an 1 steal that last commenter a status
update? true. may, namy a lucky
my. Minty’: who would be as
devoted as Sara.
a may navy my l tee my: MW
my y steal that a Slims
update? kootra true. Ausum, non a may
aoy. know who would be as
devoted as Sam.
12 yous no
I my wmm was my face manned on y
nos arm? what are no no
no wanna a
a merged 11271110115 and so parrot
that, rm! my face) What the hell were no
12 yous no
Pl scummy thewould be a
good way so Sham my mum y on no.
Are no my no dun’! my tha?
12 yous no
yuoo mm‘: mm a grapefruit
H and wanna o m face (the guy no
been dating my a my ova a man an
ya a my own! the top?
12 hours no
P! lulu!!! may m supposed la be my
masons to my y thought non: my y.
b? hours no
yr my think he' s Just surpised Sara,
he has so my my " such a
12 yous no
A. . Nol wayy tithe Humans!
mug We ever new What the world
could make my warn so in my
face mayo an an no
branded cattle? Please tel my tha my
12 yous no so 1
that supposed so s
Thean? Are no Santa no don mm
yous no
we shourd be having In .
hours no
Pl mum my my no always
so cover my up Mk: non ashamed
or my my something)? y mm everythig
snalla be out the wayy.
11 yous ago
j mm no mad: that wayy
Clearways no plastered my face an nos
yous no
mam ? Oort' t
no on may
11 yous no
You non needy an my you
on 'tend me the may
wanna scans. may my ' s (mun
ham my my wayy an
thinly» than -any ma rim: may
my 13 a may my domina my we
muse no on a less nouns
Pl Tony... an o. my here? In
notso meat av my my
To wt Rally men so my
1 Mum avo
my can You' re rm
nunally nu -my me an my um
all we my my 13 new
ere' s no any my San
hm (hunk vow 'essaye Winona no , at
denied In you " you in so them many
my we my ml! by mend:
eare? Yank (an mos». 1
carry my mom so describ my clarly
Wynn: no are. When 1 say Wash we my
still be funds, y man so that my
hours wont be as on as ' when
youve' in .
11 yous no
dun thort' t mm that' s a my
harsh, Ausum?
1 1 yous no
I - shit Cray
11 yous no as
arm? Haks (dying my
mud; she knows where they We my
11 yous no
any to protect
mars Hunt and iunderstand why no
would any consider breaker up wayy. my.
11 yous no
wayy tha We' re
11 yous no
may want any y supposed to on
so your) tattooed an my
11 hours no
Just saw nos MW
sums. mass tha y; y! 1
LO yous no
NW. Sam. serusly?
yous no so 1
LO yous no
mos my Adele a psychotic
but my you my the
my comparable
LO yous no
burninate ms for the best
threat or the year. And ??
LO yous no so a
Gause ye
LO yous no
thak theyde so the
mm to be hottest, Slums owe
my my make ths as clear as 1 my We are
yo mung
yous no
s cheren will be
hearing about mos.
yous no a 14
rsmv, dude the second y saw
c her posts on Facebook, y knew my was
nuts may
LO hours ago so 1
LO yous no so 5
his may "nuts" or a
psychotic !' Why any no
aleast shutup an everyd
2 hours no
hunks Carol, wmm Ausum
and ht so moo frauds an showing mar
true calms
2 hours no
oars (wayy. .cassy my
mayo everythig so be mum the open-?
itchy what no .
2 yous no so 1
y. the on side, the moo
anus! on
my my
2 yous no you
Bl _'Ianto
2 yous no
H vam. t read and picture y have ever
geert pop up on my newsfeed. any
Shears no my
5 yous no as
yaw: everythig mum ms.
8 yous no
my tha
that remand me why my schhol to
become a ,
s yous no so 1
w a on
7 yous no
an my know
how so pck any wayy.
7 yous no
oking iosys. so.
Many. . yawn
7 yous no so 1
may atually mocked that tha
y; . mys y: any drama and no
know my shinny an wayy my kid ont
EVER do something so dusty: unless no
7 yous no oz
no seemed so
What y;
wrung wayy you? New could no mm tha
was a good may
7 yous no
you . nev
any y u no CHANGE
The y u Na meme
began as y u No
Guy but ventrally
way:/ ed mm simply
Me More
5 yous no
m really hope tha y} real
so no get to in the or nos
soon Among new any
o yous no so 1
really hope tha y} real
so no get so in the
mayo a( any any
4 yous no so 1
want be hard so
cover um A law simple adjustments and we
my take mos yam Cray so (hey:
was/ 2 12/ my Arte_ Guerra_
2 yous no so 5
a" usr, Disese,, suposse, cen: Ararat y
2 may as
no should make t
mm; mm ram suggested, and
Duly them to the no aayy... sayy
so wear the my yams than get
a (Juno
2 minutesago
z minutesago
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They write suspiciously well...
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Repost but it's still funny. Makes me a little scared that she might live near me tho...