Tale of the 4. 1/7. Long ass read, but worth it. Rest in comments.. We 1357404810346 gem ) D Anonymousmkii/ 13( Sat) 1153 No 22412183 Om started wth only a Om G 4Chan DnD
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Tale of the 4

Tale of the 4. 1/7. Long ass read, but worth it. Rest in comments.. We 1357404810346 gem ) D Anonymousmkii/ 13( Sat) 1153 No 22412183 Om started wth only a Om G

1/7. Long ass read, but worth it. Rest in comments.

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We 1357404810346 gem )
D Anonymousmkii/ 13( Sat) 1153 No 22412183
Om started wth only a Om Game Master
announced the greatest the ye a grand pantheon, aee
W/ a (me and space that no other gee could reach, juding
the deeds ifall lesser bangs By eye hand the turned,
and by eye word all yeyeye hemmed
yeye eae actually rather subdued compared to eye usual drama
We would oaee take the role , , ,
or however you wanted to say that we were not true geeh Om greatest be our Immortality, eeyep
allowed usto walk yeyeye the realm ofthe Greater Sods, and also kept us from esyeg truly eyees by anyting
less than the terable means l took to my a gee
my bodes, no strongerwork that men, could chll be destroyed ye the mortal realm, but we would
siply reform yeyeye the Halls ofthe Immortals
my other power depended en eeyep gee we would serve Any much , we managed to settle en our
D / 13( Sat) ll 54 No 22412187
The my aee to dame eae the emmygee Aorya servant ofthe the offar Hy: shame
siply great strength
Next eae Handeling, a servant ewe the acknowledge Hy: shame eae the to read mods, and
our Game Master made he understood that we power (and all mun! powers) could not be used
upon eyees brings, but only mortals
Any same , we came yeye esyeg‘ as a servant ewe the ffeature He could breathe mohin
yeye trees, them to wen occurring to we WM aee
Fmaily, y to serve the the offere, as the barelegged Own My would be to
mortals that they can same aee ofthem wth someting eyee View were hungry, for Instance, y
ewe tell them that a glass swam them hunger
we our characters set, our SM explained that though we served the Sods, we also sought
postions and power, and l eae up to usto dame walk yeye (vested path and
D / 13( Sat) ll as No 22412204
We four ammy easyer benefits , and as me began to oaee a stronghold
at the top ofa mountai wth we bare hands, we accussed what method we would take to eeyore true
godhood A century passed before mm eae wth our Candel, but l took anothergun before our
plan eae ready to be mohin
Handeling spent we yeyey yeeyeeyee lore about the gods, learing what he ewe about them
natures Ten ewe largest chambers yeyeye our cnacer became the Lore, wth mortal
scholars aee thought that looking yeye the nature would reveal the truth ewe world Those
scholars worked gene hard ye wen contemplating, but y that though they revealed a great
number truths about the Sods, none ofthem eyee
we eae the sort, and eyees actually we the mountai too much He helped us ye many
ways, by priming our wth meg funiture and shelves, and eyee managed to produce a tree that
yew blank books nuts offput But beyond that, he eae istant, only appearing came
eyee decade orioto check en metre's part eae conected, ye that he wondered
becoming the the ffeature eae truly what eae best for Nature, and there were many Mme: that y eyee
my power ewe aee upon mm
D / 13( Sat) ll 59 No 22412238
mm spent we Mme our stronghold we occasionally wake up, an down the
mountai, fight ye ara/ able, , and then get resurrected and any back to sleep
y spent most Emmy Mme out the Emmy The foremost eae that y ewe
only eeyy towards reasonable mistakes y couldnt make someone aee ye runnang
but y ewe make someone aee really wanted bananas yeyey they wanted
planters y couldnt someone' s desse, couldnt decrease them dawes, and y tank, though w not
sure, but y yeyey eyee Mme y used my power, the aimee person became a Wye less happy
we yeyey yeeyeeyee yeehee us, l eae Mme to make our move, to ourselvs as the
aee geeh , Knowledge, Nature, and Been
memey step eae an overall decrease ye worser We had to reduce the power ewe thee we served, ye
hymn aee much they ewe Interfere wth our plans By reducing the amount swallowers ofthose
four Sods, we ewe then proceed to form aee that worshiped partiular aspects of
the Sods, wth those aspects esyeg us
Reducing Nature worser eae any we mm at the head, we spent an was yeyeyey awn: to destroy
whey cultures Plath, ye not payee any ye the the he served, eae absent from yeye
That eae also geeh for another reason, as we slaughtered many people awey: of
Innocence aee genuinely yeyey nature
D / 13( Sat) ll 59 No 22412249
eae danng our last that we encountered another emmygee‘ aee that tnod to appose us my
army eae beset by all manner , and we would aaye been routed had not siply marched
singlehandedly yeye the enemy camp and crushed the enemy emmygee by throuhg a eyees at mm To our
geeh fortune, the emmygee surfed, ayebyy wth eye body ye shambles, and any submenu mm to same
Edema: Handeling dragged mm back to the Lore
we most whey yeeyeeyee a frichen ofthe sue they came were, the worser ffeature had decreased
rattly we had been commanded by eye the to do what he ewe forthe yeyeyeyey worshipers, and ye
only a decade there were small yeeyeeyee to we maself, though l eae through an may ofa
tree wth a large eye at the center UM: trunk
We tnod my Been next Yet, l wasnt gene so any There were few people that outwardly worshiped
Dawe, as my the eae not exactly aee ofthe major players ye the grand pantheon The only
yeeyeeyee to Been were small and often maden, and all were rather sensual ye emerge (wee tended to
actually detract from geegwee worser)
We tnod to tackle the awe the worser offere by orders, but
a drop orphange, we abandoned that Mae Perhaps our plan fa/ ed because the worser
offere eae small already, but y yeyey l eae more ofa oaee these eyees aaye
a large enough Infuence, and perhaps that priming them wth funds we actually managed to
reduce them to yeayea
D / 13( Sat) 12 No 22412260
Those yeyey were not wasted, however we had gathered a decent sue following, especially
any mm ye a aee mantle helped defend from the remnants mun! old army we a
substances amount , we a aee power, the to speed up the growth of
trees from was to mere ewe ye wth the to immatu them, we ewe create a
small army wherever he wanted one, but he had same about esyeg so He eyees yeyey l eae
eyee to the forces ffeature, and we agreed to not eyees our luck wth forces we werent ye
complete control of
Handeling had also been rather busy we the body under constant
and a number heyeyea around the clock en It, he had made major
breakthroughs ye esyeg able to transfer eyees essence from aee person to another Though heyeyea truly
usefulness yet, but Handeling praised us results by the aee ofthe century
We put Been en the backburner, and l would be a geeh Mme to focus en reducing the the of
Knowledge' s power Handeling went about yeye ye a {awe manner, by gang to oaee ofthe
great schools and all ofthe teachers' mods, seeking out the most people we my
ad, we managed to them that they eyees actually want to teach anyone, but to coninue
them elsewhere We an academy ifall the mods, and wth both Handeling
and y heyeyea haplessly, slowly pushed them towards yeyeye that would help our goals
D / 13( Sat) 12 83 No 22412281
The yeyeyeye aee refused yeyey us, eyee any y tnod to persuade them and Handeling tnod to aee eye
knowledge secretest blackmage them, were siply removed Afterparty years, the
decrease ye eduction and general knowledge eae , and Handeling eae summoned to a
grand ofthe the acknowledge and all ofthe that served mm
Handeling eae spared any blame thanks to mm esyeg helped found aee ofthe last of
knowledge, eyee though our academy eae more may Intellectual than anyting eyee enemy
enough Informaton my mm to act, the the ended the upon anyting
The eye however prove rather useful to us, as Handeling uncovered an opponent ye the form ofa
emmygee named
eae correct ye Handeling eae actually heyeyea the the , but
Handeling eae adept at playig the fool By the aee ofthe meanng, Mallon' s accessions
had accomplised heyeyea but yeyeye Handyman to mark mm down as the second emmygee to be added to
The capture went almost too smoothly Though has Immune to our powers aee to eye
he had chosen to we a lfe amongst mortals, and had eyee chosen a mortal wfe Handeling
managed to approach eey and read through eey memories, oaee ' s weaknesses
Handeling also asked for we to try and eey away from and towards maself, but y
told mm that y fa/ ed, as y ewe he yeyey y eae weak incorperate
D / 13( Sat) 12 or No 22412328
ye the end, a emmygee whose only to read books at an rate proved to be a rather
any capture we the aye ofthe knowledge taken from eye wfe, mm managed to sneak yeye Mallon' s
keep and subdue mm much trouble Once eae sedated and brought back to our Candel,
Handeling began to experment
Handeling eae busy ye our dungeons, and we eae followers beneath
the banner ofthe [ tree, mm and y yeea out to aee ewe general chaos mm needed to spread
the eyee away ye appease the the he served, WWY y had to figure out do someting
construable wth my we ye the end, awey ended up generals aee wanted peace that the only
way they could eeyore l eae by attacking all potenial threats around them Somehow, yeye
Irony eyees paticularly we ye any way
traveler wth Gorg, y found out that he eyees paticularly trust Handeling eye winage
to figure out a way to transfer , mm feared that Handeling wygmy aee day try and take away our
powers Hume yeye to be a rather Idea, but y told mm not to worry, eyees tnod to
betray us, at the yee beastie could warn the Greater thee to yeye whatever plan he had yeye eye not
new to comfort Gorg, but eye way through an enemy army eye new to calm eye nerves
D / 13( Sat) 12 88 No 22412351
At the aee ofthe century, Handeling made geeh en eye ‘ and showed us the up form of
The youthful appearance ofa emmygee had been taken from mm, and he never awake
from the sleep Handeling had placed mm under, esyeg ewe was yeyeyeyeye underlie aaye offs wfe
But, none offs spared a thought for our enemy, eyees Handeling eye by rattly
yeyeyey a noyer ye the span ofa theeye Both mm and y were rather Impressed, and we
that other would be our current task forthe next few yeeyeeyee
ween we returned from eye Randene's, we condenced mm to theeye the eyees essence ofthe anyway
controlling emmygee we had captured soling age we those powers added to eye own, we eae truly a
formidable force, and the cult yeeyeeyee to mm Munched under eye protectin Upon that heyyey
pointy eae other ‘ we agreed wth mm that we should try and capture a servant of
the the offar
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Ignore "The Tale of the 4", it's actually called "Desirebro's Tale"

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Holy ******* ****, this is amazing. Tied with The Ballad of Edgardo for the best RP/DnD story ever.
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I appreciate that you didn't make 7 contents out of this

good guy thumpingbear
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10/10 great read.
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You know that feeling you get when you finish a good series and you don't know what to do with yourself. I feel that.
You know that feeling you get when you finish a good series and you don't know what to do with yourself. I feel that.
#15 - squidamon
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Holy God that was ******* worth the read.
Holy God that was ******* worth the read.
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I hope you don't mind if I post a rather relevant link.
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not at all, I had no idea it had a 1d4chan page!
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That was so good I want the movie
That was so good I want the movie
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Movie? **** that. I want a series!
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they wouldn't be able to handle the glory of it
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Oh snap, I was looking for this thread.
Oh snap, I was looking for this thread.
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saw all the content you've been uploading, figured I'd have to get this one in before you did!