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the last page - doctor who fan song


i wanted to share this song with you because i was thinking maybe not a lot of you have heard since this guy mostly makes brony music. enjoy the song

Remember the days
When we used to be
An unstoppable pair
Or so it would seem
You were the world to me
The universe in our hands
All of time to kill
We'd win our wars
We'd have our thrills
There's so much I wanted you to see

Farewell, we've made it so far
You've got to leave, and it's breaking my heart
After all we've been through
I never thought I'd say goodbye to you
If our story has come to an end
I hope you'll remember me as your friend
I never wanted things to change
But here we are on the last page

Adventures we had
Memories we shared
How I would protect you when you were scared
I'd do anything for you
Wondering why
This has to be
The end of the story of you and me
I don't want to face the truth

If this can't last forever
If we can't be together
I promise I'll never forget you
The way we owned the skies
The way we ruled all of time
If only we could live like we used to

Views: 5429 Submitted: 12/05/2012