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#1 - lockhart (12/26/2012) [-]
He's not single, he's kinda married
He's not single, he's kinda married
#7 to #1 - tastymelon (12/27/2012) [-]
he has been married multiple times, Marilyn Monroe, that Aztec lady, also in his timeline isn't river dead( in the library).
#9 to #7 - lockhart (12/28/2012) [-]
Who is the Aztec lady? Also, didn't he run away from Marilyn?
#12 to #9 - tastymelon (12/29/2012) [-]
the aztec lady was a Willam Heartnells doctor,
User avatar #8 to #7 - beamersmack **User deleted account** (12/27/2012) [-]
Actually. Due to the order of things happening in his personal timeline, yes, and no. Because in his timeline she died. But then later in his timeline is when they got married.
User avatar #11 to #8 - zenbass (12/28/2012) [-]
Wasn't there a "multiple Rivers" thing, so that she didn't technically die?
#13 to #11 - lockhart (12/29/2012) [-]
Well, technically, she's still alive, but she's saved in a harddrive.
#3 to #1 - whyisthissohard **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#2 to #1 - grimmapple (12/26/2012) [-]
He's referring to the 10th Doctor, three piece suit, red high tops and 903 years old. He wasn't married then. Well, he hadn't been at the wedding ceremony with River at that point. Technically he was still qiute single.
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