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#122 - creusche **User deleted account**
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I'm actually really sad about this. I started watching with the 2005 episodes, but I've watched a few of the classics too. I don't get why so many fans hate him (or Moffat either. Didn't he write some of the best episodes of the new series?). I mean sure he's a bit sillier than the others, but so what? He can be just as dramatic as the others at times. I get why some people don't like him, but why do some fans downright hate him. WHY? Every true Doctor Who fan should be both happy and sad when a doctor leaves. Happy because its exciting to see the Doctor with a new face, and sad to see a Doctor die.

So Matt, you will be missed some, hated forever by some, but by me you will always be the one who made me laugh after crying at David's departure. I wish you luck in your future career, my friend