A World gone Mad. _"March 6th, 2019 was just another ordinary day for you. Maybe you were in your dirty apartment, hitting the fix you got from Turk for th
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A World gone Mad

A World gone Mad. _"March 6th, 2019 was just another ordinary day for you. Maybe you were in your dirty apartment, hitting the fix you got from Turk for th

_"March 6th, 2019 was just another ordinary day for you. Maybe you were in your dirty apartment, hitting the fix you got from Turk for the money of the old man you mugged last night. Maybe you were just drinking your usual 3:05 glass of milk doctor Braun brought you, finishing that Tangent theory problem you were given to solve. Or maybe, you just swallowed ten pills of brufen, took a big swig of vodka, cursed your therapist to hell, and lying on the hotel room bed thought about how the screaming face of Lucy is finally gonna go away.

But at 3:08 PM, you fell into a deep coma that lasted over 10 minutes. Apparently, from what you did later see, so did all people on the planet. But you were the only one to wake up. And live.

Well, not the only one. Among the rubble and piles of dead bodies, you found other survivors. Together, you form a pretty weird bunch. But seemingly, weird is not a word fit for this world anymore. There are strange things happening, sometimes it even seems as if the fundamental laws of physics just gone crazy. The world has gone void of logic and order.

And, more importantl, you yourself feel stranger every day. As if something inside you was itching to get out."_

This is a campaign I though of quite some time ago. It is very dark, strange, mad and gory. I had some inspiration from Stephen Kings series The Dark Tower, Fallout Games, and Terminator, among others, but I'm pretty confident my story is still pretty unique. I'd rather keep it more on the serious note, but if you guys want more wacky adventure instead, then hell, this is funnyjunk, I'm flexible. Anyway, I'm not sure if this wouldn't be better played on some forum or something, but until someone gives me a good suggestion, let's try it here.

There are 5 free character slots, first come first serve. They will define your fate and (especially) abilities to some extent so choose wisely.

1. The Burning Man/Woman
2. The Kinetic
3. The Seer
4. The Trickster
5. The Demiurge

I will give some more info regarding the character creation and little bit about how the gamesystem will work later. I don't wanna mess up the game with too many stats or stuff like that but there will be some. For now, let me say, that every character will be required to have some form of "strong psychosis" (schizofrenia, clinical depression, autism, manio-depressive disorder,...) that will be chosen by you and a lot in the game will depend on you controlling your condition (or not)

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Submitted: 01/30/2014
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#18 - jaguarjam (02/03/2014) [+] (9 replies)
Hey guys, I'm really sorry for not being responsive, but I had hell of a weekend (personal affairs + school project ********* ). Anyway, I'm glad to see that I got you excited for this, I'll try my best to deliver.

Anyway, the way I see it, we got right now 3 people signed with characters created (I'll go on about that later) and two potential players, which is great. So the players right now are:

opu as "Kasai the Burning Man"
Alienfish as "Alex Whitty Whitston, the Trickster"
nustix as "David Morse, the Demiurge"

So there's still the Seer and the Kinetic slots left.

Anywho, the important part for you guys I mentioned above, is that I'm really happy that you all did your homework and created your characters, which are more than pretty decent. Although, I would still recommend you to revise each a little, because that can really go a long way regarding roleplay, and it will help a LOT to me, because I will be able to add more character-related stuff in the story. If you want, I can help you with that (just ping me when I'm online). Anyway, I wrote some tips here for you (if you don't like them, just discard them):

opu: Dude I love your idea of this kickass japanese punk, but for purposes of this RPG, maybe if you could tone down the kickass a little (it will come in the game, don't worry), it would make more of a believable character. You see, the characters BEFORE the apocalypse are meant to be "relatively" (and yes, I do use this term losely) normal people. Maybe have Kasai scrape for his life in the streets of Tokyo, as a pawn for Yakuza or Triads, have him experience some of their brutality firsthand, maybe have his friend/relative/lover lost to a gang-fight and develop a post-traumatic stress disorder from that (I would like it more if he had something more serious than pyromania, also that could be kindo restricting/distracting for you later on, concidering you're gonna be starting BIG fires). I didn't reveal much about the character types for purpose, because the stuff your character does before the apocalypse doesn't have to be at all linked to what he becomes.

alienfish: Like your stuff, introverted MIT nutcase, that's grade-A for this campaign (heh, that rhymes). Anywho, I would like some detail on how exactly his mental condition works (I mean the schizofrenia here). Is he having audial hallucinations (hearing voices? what do they tell him?)? Is he having visual hallucinations (you mentioned sadism, maybe he sees people being torn apart, bleeding?)

nustix: Great stuff there too. I would maybe like a little more, if you let David's depression stick, maybe have him feel really responsible for his sisters death and have that tag along with the paranoia (I really love that, btw). I think it will make roleplaying a bit more easier and definitely more fun for you, you can be the "guy with the past who trusts no one" that way

Anyway, that's all for now guys, I'll post dossier for each of your characters soon and a little more about setting too. I just made a gooogle account which we're as of right now gonna use for data storage, I'll put the character sheets there and inbox you the account name and password, so you can go edit them right there if you want (I trust you won't mess with other people's sheets)

#14 - opu has deleted their comment [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #10 - thewiseass ONLINE (01/31/2014) [+] (1 reply)
I'd like to know the current status of this at the current moment. Like how many character slots are open?
#6 - jaguarjam (01/31/2014) [+] (13 replies)
Here's the character creation guidelines I promised:


So, basically, for charcter creation, I would like you to write atleast one short paragraph with simple biography of your character (you can be as detailed as you want though) and an explanation of his/her personality. As I mentioned, ALL characters must have some sort of pretty strong psychosis or mental condition, that doesn't have to be iborn (it's maybe better if it's not, because it can help you with creating a strong and dramatic backstory for you character). The story is set in 2019 south-western US (basically California), after the apocalypse, I'll have more info about the setting later, maybe tomorrow (for now, it suffices to say that there hasn't been much advancement in technology, commercial-wise).

Anyway, the things you should mention:

1) Characters bio - name, ethnicity, sex (and gender, if different), age, religious affinity (if any), physical condition
2) Character's origin - place of birth, family, any important moments that affected his/her life
3) Character's skills (I mean these should mostly derive from work or hobbies, do not go overboard with this, your character definitely shouldn't be a superhero)
4) Character's personality - how does he get along with people (or doesn't), what are his/her motivations, what he/she likes/dislikes

Here's a character one of my friends had (roughly, I don't remember stuff like name anymore, I'm writing from memory):

John Callahan (26) - The Kinetic:
Johny was always a bad seed. Growing up in the family of six with three older brothers was tough on him enough, but even his alcoholic father was a rougher on him than the rest. Maybe it was because Johny was a bit smarter than the rest of his siblings, or maybe it was because of his defiant nature. When he reached school age, a whole new world opened for him. The kids around him didn't know how to take a punch or two, so Johny soon became a bully mafioso, with his posse of knucklehead kids he recruited from higher grades, and that stuck with him even through high-school. There were a few days where he'd miss an opportunity to skip school and go hang out with much older deliquents. He first tasted liquor when he was twelve from which he immediately got sick. When he was 16, he smoked weed for a while, but that just wasn't doing it for him, so he went back to drinking. Eventually, one of his "friends" got him hooked on street meth.

Johny dropped out of high-school in last grade and went live as a full time lowlife. He first tried to make living as a dealer, but then he got hired on a few burglary jobs by a local kingpin. He managed to make quite a lot of money, by his standards, but he spend it all on drugs and hookers. At 23, he developed a schizophrenia from his drug abuse - he began to hear voices speaking gibberish. He hid his condition from others, but it got worse everytime he went a few days without a fix. On the day that apocalypse happened, he was just shooting heroin inside a tub in his apartment.

Johny is a smart (or rather street-smart) urchin that doesn't go far for violence. On the other hand, he can be rational and he always knows at what time it is best to bail. He's 170 centimeters high, pretty slim (from the drugs), irish descent and has a buzzcut. He's pretty good at hand-to-hand fighting, and he can always break his way into a house or a car.

This one is pretty detailed, you don't have to go as far as that. Some details about your characters life can be even revealed during the game, but I should know them first. You can send your character's description directly to me or post it here.
User avatar #2 - nustix (01/31/2014) [+] (4 replies)
I would like to join, I haven't played before so I'm not sure if it would be smart to join a not so traditional game so could you tell me if this would be a smart choice?
#1 - jaguarjam (01/30/2014) [-]
Some more things:

1) Big props to the artist whose picture I violated for my needs (found it on google)

2) I'm not sure, whether we're always going to be able to get together, so I'll probably make a rule of a thumb that as long as 3 or more players are present, we'll play and I'll auto-pilot the rest, they'll have to read it up later.

3) Also ad. 2), since we're from different timezones here on funnyjunk, it'd be best if most of us were from similiar timezones. I'm GMT+1 (that's Central+Eastern Europe).

I'll probably think up more other administration stuff soon.
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