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#484 - anon
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(07/13/2012) [-]
when i was young back in the day i used to have an imaginary friend named rickers i would always chase him around and talk to him.he was my way out of a hard life my dad was an alcoholic and my mother was ill. so one day i went out to chase rickers with my mother supervising we came across a railroad and i just sat there and i didnt here the train coming in but to my fortune my mother pushed my out the way. but as i fell i hit my head on a rock last thing i saw was rickers running away with some broad wearing a Washington state hoodie my dad was really pissed off at me so he beat me and my mother a couple of months later my mother died. my dad blamed it all on me but i didn't care all i could think about was where is rickers i moved in with my grandmother and grand dad but guess what. she died 2 weeks after i moved(**** me right) so i lived a really crappy childhood until i saw rickers with that Washington state whore so i went after him and beat the **** out of her turns out that it was just some puerto rican women so i get placed in a loony hospital for 3 years while my grand dad checked up on me every week it was like hell so when i finally got released i forgot about rickers and started to like music i would make these really awesome songs but this was too cool.and im stuck trying to tell idiots about all this stuff and you try and try and you make a song thats so fckin good.......just......it was all cause of ****** Rickers man
#488 to #484 - thatsmrnoob
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(07/13/2012) [-]
whoa there Charles dickens
#486 to #484 - anon
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**anonymous rolled a random image posted in comment #6665676 at FJ Pony Thread **

MFW Too long for a comment, didn't read.