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(07/13/2012) [-]
I have never told anyone this story and it was in the deepness of my mind for years, but I like a challenge. So here we go.
So I was 13 years old. Every day, during Mandarin classes I had to use the toilet at a specific time. One day I had to use the bathroom desperately. My teacher, being the bitch she is, said I had to wait. After 5 minutes or so I mentioned that I had to go again, she told me to wait, again. Ten minutes pass, my bladders about to explode, she finally lets me go. I run down 2 flights of stairs and on the 3rd one I trip and roll 'em down. I stand up not giving a single **** to what just happened and race to the bathroom, because I could either cry about my injuries and piss myself or make it to the bathroom and prevent being the laughingstock of the whole school. I finally made it to the bathroom and ran into a stall, no time to lock the door. With the force of a million suns I pulled my pants down, not opening the zipper and buttons. I was just about to sit, but it was too late. The piss came streaming down and went all over my pants and shoes. I sat on the toilet staring blankly and thinking of a way to get out of this situation. Finally, I decided what to do. I went to the sink and got my self a bit wet, started hitting my legs and splashing water on the floor. The perfect scene. The bathroom looked as if a kid was washing his hands and slipped. Exactly what I was going for. As I pulled my pants back up I noticed it was ripped. (obviously because it ripped while I was flying down the stairs.) I went to the classroom and sat back down. No one noticed, until the downy next to me started saying "teacher, teacher, it smells like piss". I was nervous as ****. He kept whining, and the teacher kept saying that he was just imagining it. I thought I was lucky that he had down syndrome, or else she would've believed him until he said "Teacher! Alexianary just peed herself". All eyes on me and I was sweating, I felt incredibly sick, I wanted to throw up.
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(07/13/2012) [-]
Then, the teacher squinting her eyes told me to get in front of the class. Game Over, I slowly walked up to the class trying to cover up as much as I could, but it was no use. The stench was spreading across the room and every one's eyes were staring. The teacher standing behind me, only seeing the back of me demanded me to turn around in a screeching voice, I was scared ******** and felt EXTREMELY ill. I turn around and everyone sees my ripped pants and piss stains. Because I felt so nervous I vomited, right in front of the teacher. I start crying. Tears and boogers flowing down my face. Then all of a sudden comes this "pffffffhrhtffhrtrfhfhsshth" and I spray diarrhea out of my burning asshole. (NOTE: I have had this all my life and it still happens, that when I become extremely nervous and scared or cold I get diarrhea) I felt so degraded and so embarrassed, that I kneeled down forgetting I just **** myself. I have **** and vomit all over my hands and tears and boogers on my face dripping into the disgusting mixture of bodily fluids. Teacher calls parents and I get picked up. Next day of school, no one talks to me and I was named Queen *************. One month later, the semester is over. My family moves to China, I bury this little secret in the back of my mind. No more Queen *************. Finally.
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(07/13/2012) [-]
did I top you?
#386 to #381 - SemiAnon
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(07/13/2012) [-]
Queen *************?
Ha. Hahahahahahahahaha