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How to get free music

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Submitted: 07/16/2012
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User avatar #207 - johnlemon (07/17/2012) [-]
Or you can just pirate them like everyone else.
#211 to #207 - danlovespot (07/17/2012) [-]
Wouldn't be a very good secret would it?
User avatar #217 to #211 - hazlenuts (07/18/2012) [-]
That's pretty cool op, as long as you don't **** their stuff up.
#196 - malacyman has deleted their comment [-]
#194 - felixml (07/17/2012) [-]
Im just gunna leave the pic here.
User avatar #193 - rattman (07/17/2012) [-]
a youtube to mp3 converter is rather easy
User avatar #195 to #193 - malacyman (07/17/2012) [-]
but not legal...
User avatar #205 to #195 - rattman (07/17/2012) [-]
technically neither is the thing in the post but its not like anyone gives a ****
User avatar #203 to #195 - exclamation (07/17/2012) [-]
Not particularly. According to US law, one can advertise the YouTube to MP3 Converter legally if they don't say something such a as 'Download your favorite music' or similar statements that would suggest pirating. In other words, if the company doesn't suggest pirating music along with the product (even a free product), its legal. This is how companies are getting away with giving out these pirating products and supporting SOPA and similar bills.
User avatar #200 to #195 - synapse (07/17/2012) [-]
>Not Legal
> ************** .gif
User avatar #199 to #195 - hoodedtvstealer (07/17/2012) [-]
i doubt taking another persons cd's and burning them to your computer without their permission is legal
User avatar #198 to #195 - mrblueftw (07/17/2012) [-]
yeah it is. if its public on the internet then someone has the rights to use it for their own use.
User avatar #190 - demonatatoo (07/17/2012) [-]
Some of my WIREs got FROSTy from doing that.
User avatar #185 - deftonesjunkie (07/17/2012) [-]
i know some PIRATEs that try to keep the police at BAY . org
User avatar #184 - mrskyler (07/17/2012) [-]
i used to work in a dealer
.. i may have done this a few times >.>

User avatar #182 - maximusj (07/17/2012) [-]
well then, I am putting an audiobook of gay porn in my cd player next time I go to the mechanic.
#192 to #182 - danlovespot (07/17/2012) [-]
As OP i appreciate
#178 - shabooty **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#176 - anonymous (07/17/2012) [-]
Wait.. If you're a mechanic, doesn't that mean you technically get paid when copying the music?
#181 to #176 - danlovespot (07/17/2012) [-]
Did not think of it that way... very true.
#175 - anonymous (07/17/2012) [-]
I use spotify. 9,99e/month for unlimited access to allmost every track there is and I can use it on my phone too.
#171 - vseries (07/17/2012) [-]
What else do you do? Do you also listen to the radio and wait for a song to start to record it onto a cassette tape?
What else do you do? Do you also listen to the radio and wait for a song to start to record it onto a cassette tape?
User avatar #202 to #171 - tatwis (07/17/2012) [-]
What's that gif about?
#210 to #202 - vseries (07/17/2012) [-]
I don't really know much about the back-story if you are asking. Japanese politician getting killed is as much as I know.
I don't really know much about the back-story if you are asking. Japanese politician getting killed is as much as I know.
#208 to #202 - gisuar ONLINE (07/17/2012) [-]
looks like an assassination
User avatar #163 - imcoolashell (07/17/2012) [-]
i just convert music on youtube to mp3
its fast and theres no way to get caught
#167 to #163 - anonymous (07/17/2012) [-]
youtube has ****** quality, its super compressed.
User avatar #179 to #167 - imcoolashell (07/17/2012) [-]
its actually not as bad as one would think
#161 - anonymous (07/17/2012) [-]
why not torrent?
#160 - addictakilla (07/17/2012) [-]
I too, have thousands of songs. D!idnt pay a penny
#155 - anonymous (07/17/2012) [-]
Like a Boss
#152 - anonymous (07/17/2012) [-]
i just download it from mediafire, 6235 songs and not a penny spent. I also didnt have to work in some garage and have to steal cd's from people behind there back, but nice try
#146 - lizzarro (07/17/2012) [-]
just throwing this out there...
User avatar #144 - jalthelas (07/17/2012) [-]
I just use Youtube to MP3 converter.

copy and paste URL into convert bar, download MP3 file (make iTunes the default for MP3),
when it opens in iTunes you just change the name and artist and album and match it exactly to what the official one looks like
User avatar #158 to #144 - manofparody (07/17/2012) [-]
Youtube comes with it's own download link, now.. You can download it in any format you want. There's a nice little button under most videos that says "DOWNLOAD".
User avatar #186 to #158 - tigersstripes (07/17/2012) [-]
off to listen to my new music i just downloaded...
User avatar #148 to #144 - Vihtic (07/17/2012) [-]
That's how you get bad quality music at a very slow rate.
User avatar #201 to #148 - mrblueftw (07/17/2012) [-]
It depends on the video not the software.
User avatar #162 to #148 - jalthelas (07/17/2012) [-]
Actually, the quality isn't bad at all.

You just can't be an idiot and use ****** quality videos.

Plus, it only takes a minute or two to download.
User avatar #212 to #162 - Vihtic (07/17/2012) [-]
Youtube compresses the audio of every video uploaded. And they want to focus on making a small file, so they compress it quite a lot. And a minute or two for a single song?

Go download utorrent of BitTorrent. Go to thepiratebay and search up an album. Click "SE" to the right after "Single / Double". Download the highest up on the results if it's what you were looking for. The whole album should download in a couple minutes.
#206 to #162 - exclamation (07/17/2012) [-]
Then how would you be able to get songs that flow out and in from each other, like the songs from this album.
User avatar #187 to #162 - stanleys (07/17/2012) [-]
The one that I use only takes a few seconds, then again, it may be my computer
User avatar #140 - ifonlyicould (07/17/2012) [-]
There are many ways to get free music young danlovespot, from just a click of a mouse
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