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If your new to deadpool comics and are used to his slapstick antics during the daniel way run 2008-2012 you dont know deadpool. While deadpool is a funny character daniel way just wrote him as a moron with no depth but that is not deadpool. if you go back to his first on going, aside from the two mini series in 93 and 94, that started in 97 with joe kelly Deadpool is a very very dark character. He is an imbodiement of the sad clown. He has cancer, his whole body is cancer thats why he regenerates, not because he has a cool healing factor but he has a scurdge of disease that plauges him and keeps him alive. He is merely a host of the disease which is a metaphor for comics all together as Deadpool knows he is a comic book character putting on a show for the audience like he knows he only lives to keep the cancer alive. Ultimately he wants nothing more than to die, as he is in constant pain. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe is the most faithful adaptation of deadpool since deadpools first ongoing was canceled.

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I've never been able to put that into words when I try to explain Deadpool to my friends, so thank you. I'm so glad someone else can see how dark his character is.