Dark Souls Poll Results. The results are in! Thank you to all that participated, and sorry it took so long. I put it off too long but it's finally done. I don't dark souls community poll results
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Dark Souls Poll Results

Dark Souls Poll Results. The results are in! Thank you to all that participated, and sorry it took so long. I put it off too long but it's finally done. I don't

The results are in! Thank you to all that participated, and sorry it took so long. I put it off too long but it's finally done. I don't care if you thumb this up or not, the reward was knowledge.

Just kidding, I was bored and this gave me something to do.

I love you all

No I don't

You're all adopted


A Junk Poll All percentages are mended to the nearest
whole number, they may not add upto 100%
but are close enough
warm or
Here re seems that the top
enjee are Warmer. Bandit.
and Pyromancer This shows
the commuity' s diverse
playstyles, and two naked
we chart, wen we too
tolerent rem the ene above,
shows the rem ehwhat you
geys “Main
Cheater“ This explains that
everyone who weed has quite a
nee chime put men the game
ene who has
made re I sure hope
he we ene evenest naked
geys up above God help es
Alight, en's we has a new
number on III Lookig here we
can see that the slight maloney
gees to those who have beaten
the game wee were are only
two we have voted that have not
beaten the game yet, and they
may want to be games about
reading the comments, othewise
they might we out that, en the
ene. your up
Okay. I had to shorten the names
here and thought re we en a few
ewes Lets ewe a mememe to Mien
to all the crickets chirping at en's
we really, percent ofyou
picked Darkwraiths That' s we I
respect your but you geys
are wrong and I hate you
This we shocked me I had no
Idea so many peopre went through
the seanhere path, but then I wee
re myself Wynn have a good resin
C er (coracle, shit": may we ween
eleven tolerent paths to choose,
onlyroll made the cut Also, two
peopre ewe we a shit as long as
things bleed and re we them
C And YES, I meant upgrades wen
the term used
en the game he a
weapon to be upgraded miner and
gain Emilie: (r e hrs, .
em I
Home P,
r SW‘ A W blotto the an wene
mages en here we maloney gees to
not caring about the spells, but I nee
they we as seen as they' re en the
receiving ene. right mages? RIGHT?
Cums. I cant dodge worth a shit
and need someone to blame
Especally you, Perseus gey
Black mage and shit But really I
have a mage and " pretty fun rm
surprised the biggest chunk here
ewe we to we crime Soulmass
spells, those pack a punch
a Great Mag warp: 1
Cm/ st r
e Cm/ st Mag Weep
No ewes here Just hate
my pea
n Ge . Damjoc re seems were all torn between
p., rcg_ 1 miracles as were rs no
the data wen Lets
r\ a, ewe the arme newer poke fun at
n we Mag Bar er seme euwest. shall we?
Brad: Homeward I guess that' s okay, but
M Brad I myself, as well as any others out
were. stock up en someware
bones rendering en's we useless
Heal? When are you wing to get
the arme to cast we ofthose? You
have Estes Flasks and
near. and " Inter And then Wrath
Mine Gods / Andew/ l
stab you armes en the
New e:
we skarm: 1
Chaos Storm
No surprise nere. Black Flame
and Great Chaos Fireball are en
top From en's we can
we sparrer ourselves ween
slots as well,
ween GCF re
eses two slots There' s arse the
ene gey we eses we Surge to
became a yee and around
spewing names rem nrs hands
Fucking transformers
Dark m —
Wren only two energys two peopre
found a wayed be Intolerent about
newone game ends Though re may
arse be the was that have not yet
beat the game Anyways the Dark
Lord oneyng seems to be the popular
nere. not a shock as many
C wee are arse Darkwraiths and weir
we any way to be a cunt
peopre and sare. we be glad
above doesnt decide to
became a siper hero er
mi Muthafuckas need Jesus
Mte. Greier. Srp,
r Dai' VI' ' Okay. new re looks we peopre enemy
I‘ _ the same the fat
I speedy douchebag By
the way wee new Smough hast,
you can see nrs backfat brogre wen
nee Earring res we drsexy Though
the answers Serener wee were
varied between darkener wee and
princess en the apperas were are
arse enjee ofyou that bulk
area wene Dec. urine Prepare to
These were some interesting statistics I gathered trom you guys,
participating and I hope you only Fattern people put in
it was still tun to see all ohm interesting answers. "you were
surrended by any I made in the comments Much chart, I would
like to say I' m sorry that you Aound this website, you' ll get it a roe. Faggots. II
you would like to know who said this was their [works or who said that or
anything, leave a comment and maybe they' ll owe with you about . Aiso,
sorry aboutthe shitty charts, I used a bad website and the charts started
overlapping the legends when it was mo late. Again, I would like to remind
you that the percentages were added in by hand and are NOT accurate, they
are rounded ehehe nearest whore number. Thank you Rar reading indoor
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