Worm in the hole. I wonder what it feels like.. than Page Commission Journos Scraps Favorite sop' s cock more tutorial - you can do this IRL (Seriously!) Journa worm Penis hole
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Worm in the hole

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Worm in the hole. I wonder what it feels like.. than Page Commission Journos Scraps Favorite sop' s cock more tutorial - you can do this IRL (Seriously!) Journa

I wonder what it feels like.

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than Page Commission Journos Scraps Favorite
sop' s cock more tutorial - you can do this IRL (Seriously!)
Journal Entry: " days ago
okay so, you think cock yore is pretty great, and you get off to it all the time If not why are you reading this?) but you can '.' er do it IRL,,, right? wrong. I have discovered that it is in Fad quite possible, though quite difficult, and
definitely worth the effort, so here' s how you do it,
okay, i' m not gonna lie to you, this is just about the cruelest thing you can e'.' er do to a creature, its basically torture, so if your a hippie, buddhist, or a buddhist hippie, you should probably turn back now.
well basically the only creature your gonna be able to do this with is an earthworm, and possibly some other types of worms, but i using an earthworm, so first your gonna want a container filled with soil, any soil will do, go
out some time after a heavy rain and search for worms, they often get stranded on solid surfaces (like sidewalks) and you should be able to Find some pretty easily, e'.' en in a big city (just go somewhere near a park) put the worms in
the container of soil and make sure the soil stays moist, or the worms will die, you can keep your worms in the container for pretty much their entire natural lifetime as long as you remember to periodically add water.
obviously worms, and soil,
you will need something that burns the worms when it touches their skin but doesn' t burn you, there are quite a Few substances like this, i personally use lubriderm skin moisturizer (it also works great as anal lube, if your into that kind
of thing) if you dont have any skin moisturizer you could probably make a paste from salt and water that would do the trick (it should be fairly thick)
lastly you will need running water
and so we come to it at last, you have everything you need assembled, and the worms are qui'.' ering in their dirt, you are ready.
okay so, worms hate salt, it burns their skin and causes them a great deal of pain. the problem is, when you are aroused ( i assume you will be) your penis tends to ooze slightly, and this just happens to be salty. what you need
to do is shoot some pressurized water into your cock, if you cant figure out a way to do that its still possible (though slightly harder) to cock yore the worm. now examine your worm, you will notice that it has a rough surface on its '.'ery
long belly, it uses this to mo'.' e but your going to use it to force the worm into your cock. make sure you have the skin moisturizer or salt paste nearby. now push the worms head into the tip of your penis using the rough surface on its
belly to force it in, this will be quite difficult as the worm will do everything in its power to get out, so it could take a Fentries, keep pushing it in until you feel a slight bit of pain, this means it has reached the muscles at the tip of your
penis, now hold the worm firmly in place, make sure it doesnt get out and cannot easily get out of your penis. apply the worm irritant to the entire worms body and, if done right, it will try to escape the irritant through the only path
available - your penis, keep applying the irritant as the worm will secrete an ooze that will separate the irritant from its skin, if you stop applying the irritant the worm will try to get out.
thats it, folks, enjoy your cock yore, i knowi did, and hohoho did i e'.' er enjoy it,
one last thing though, the worm cannot sur'.' i'.' e exposure to the irritant for prolonged periods of time so if you fail to get the worm to enter your cock you should immediately wash the irritant off of it,
furthermore the worm will likely not sur'.' i'.' e more than 2 attempts so if you fail twice you should put the worm back in the soil and give it a Few days to reco'.' er before trying again with that worm.
remember, forcing an unwilling creature to enter your cock is quite difficult, don' t expect it to work on the first try, but when you Finally succeed the victory will be all the sweeter for all the effort you put in,
have Fun boys /)
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