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#17 - germed
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(01/31/2014) [-]
Being confident in dressing like an idiot doesn't make you better than anyone, it just means you're oblivious to how stupid you look to everyone else.
#38 to #17 - anon id: 8edba588
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(02/01/2014) [-]
What makes it bad is they literally think they pulled these looks off. Dude on the right is wearing shorts over his pants! Come on son? That jacket he's wearing looks like his friend smeagol (to the left) threw up on the sleeves. No parts of their clothing are "expensive", that leather jacket might run for 100-200 bucks but I doubt Mcdonalds put enough down on his pay check to compensate with that. I got nothing against "swag" type dressers, but if you're going to wear the look at least pull it off. Who still ties jackets around they're waist?
User avatar #302 to #38 - chimpaflimp
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(02/01/2014) [-]
I agree with you, but *their.