Beta Cringe God 1. I posted this earlier, and got a message telling me to post on the cringe channel for better traffic on it. So deleted and am now reposting h beta cringe Beta Cringe Cringe Channel sad story pathetic
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Beta Cringe God 1

Beta Cringe God 1. I posted this earlier, and got a message telling me to post on the cringe channel for better traffic on it. So deleted and am now reposting h

I posted this earlier, and got a message telling me to post on the cringe channel for better traffic on it. So deleted and am now reposting here. Same deal, if you like, thumb up for more stories.

All. right F], I got some stories for you. I have known this family for quite some time
now. All I can really say is this has to be THE WORST FAMILY DYNAMIC I have ever seen.
The 4 that consist of this family are the Father, who I will call "Bad Dad" or for short.
Plastic Mom" or PM. "Spoiled Daughter" or SD. Last but certainly not least, the son,
Beta Cringe God" or BCG for short. You' ll see why each individual is dubbed as such
over time, assuming you all want this to continue to the next story.
First, let' s do a story of the star of most of these, BCG. Before I begin, let me describe
BCG for you. Just as the name sounds, there is something very wrong with this kid' s
social ability, or lack thereof. I used to pity him and try to help him get out of his beta
life style; however, there is a point when you can only say, "you sir are a lost cause." I
don' t blame BCG for the way he is. He was unlucky enough to have the WORST
POSSIBLE PARENTS in existence. Did I mention, they' re cousins? His parents treat him
lower than shit. They constantly put him down, insult him, belittle him, and compare
him to others. His parents have this, "We are the best in the world" mindset and in all
reality, were never meant to be parents. The result of his upbringing, made him overly
horny, a perv, socially inept, and overall gullible. Throughout these stories, you may find
yourself pitying BCG, and wanting to help him. So I' ll go ahead and say this now. I tried
everything. He is a LOST CAUSE.
Now, story time.
I call this, "The Movies"
A few years back, I decided to take BCG and a few others to the movies. It was my way
of trying to help him get accustom to social settings. He was about 15 at the time.
Once we get to the movies, we realize we have time to kill and decide to go to the mall
a few streets down and walk around.
Upon getting to the mall, a couple of the guys and BCG began to talk.
One of the guys asked him if he' d ever had a girlfriend or if he ever tried to get one.
He felt a bit embarrassed and said "no."
They began to tease and poke fun at him to which he pretty much got quiet.
Feelsbad. jpg
I decide to be nice and help him out (With an attempt NOT to sound like I' m sucking my
own dick. I sort of had a rep for being pretty good with women).
I told him to "watch, and do what I do"
He nods.
I look around and spot a 7. . Around 16/ 17 years old (I was 17 at the time,
take care of myself, so I' d say maybe an 8 or 9) and walked up to her.
Began to talk for a bit, Laphed things up and walked away with her number in about 5
Guys we were witch were blown away and began to poke more fun at BCG, saying, "you
could never do that."
Needless to say, he wanted to prove them wrong.
I began to tell him not to worry, it' s easier than it looks.
He decides to give it a try and goes for a shabby 5.
Less than a minute and we hear, "Eww" and she leaves quickly.
He walks back depressed and said, "didn' t work"
He' s a 5. 5, 6 on a good day, so I asked, "What happened?"
He told me he told her what they said in movies. (He is obsessed with medieval
movies/ books/ games)
Wtf? What they say in movies?
I ask him to tell me what he said.
He told me he walked up to her and said, "Will you bear my children?"
All the guys began to laugh and tease him.
I told them to lay off a bit and told him to "try something a little more modern. Try
winking or something to let them know you' re interested"
Gestures are a bit lame, but meh, he needed the basics.
I told him to "watch again"
Spot an easy 10. Blonde, blue eyes, hair down to her back.
Unlike the 7, this one I actually tried.
Walked up to her with full Alpha mode engaged.
This would be my white whale (Moby Dick Reference for you readers out there).
I go up to her and begin to charm her.
Busting out every little move I got.
Had her laughing and into it in about 5 minutes.
She agrees to come with me to the movie and "hang" later.
Suddenly she had this really weird look on her face and says, "There' s this really weird
kid looking at us and licking his lips"
I turn around to see BCG not 10 feet away making this god awful sound with his tongue,
trying to be sexy.
I turn back to her and pretend I don' t know him.
A second later, he comes up right next to me and says, "hay Anon, who' s the babe?"
He then began to thrust in her direction while still licking his lips and moaning.
Face went pale.
She has this horrified look on her face and looks to me then back to him.
She flips him off and walks away.
He looks at me for approval only to see me shake my head at him, not even knowing
what to say.
He thinks that what he did 'was not good enough' and, (I shit you not Fl), he goes after
She notices he' s following and tries to speed up.
All the while, he' s licking his lips, brushes up against her and begins to thrust into her
She turns around mad as hell and smacks him in the face then walks away.
He flat out begins to cry in the mall.
People around are staring.
Guys we were with are cracking up.
If I face palmed any harder, my hand would go through my head.
Blonde girl rolls her eyes, calls him pathetic and walks away.
We leave.
Go to the movies.
Crying a bit in the theater.
No one says a word the whole time.
If you guys like this story, thumb it for more. I got a whole bunch of these about him
and his family.
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