My Red Hood cosplay at SDCC. Photograph by Norman Chan... I dunno man looks closer to a poison ivy if you asked me
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My Red Hood cosplay at SDCC

Photograph by Norman Chan.

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Submitted: 07/30/2014
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User avatar #9 - fistefist (07/31/2014) [+] (10 replies)
I dont know much about comic books, so who is this Red Hood fellow again? I know he is set in the Batman universe, but that's about it
User avatar #11 to #9 - swagloon (07/31/2014) [-]
The short and sweet answer is that he was second Robin but he Pepsi but then he not ded but he mean. I'm sure comicexplain can do a better job at explain.
User avatar #2 - ScottP (07/30/2014) [+] (1 reply)
That is an awesome Red Hood mask. What material did you use for it?
#4 to #2 - miklthepikl (07/30/2014) [-]
the helmet was a cast made by 4th wall design. I'm pretty sure its resin, or something very close too it. I'm currently 3d printing a new helmet (attached) so the suit will be fully custom for next year (possibly comikaze)
User avatar #14 - paradoxrocks ONLINE (07/31/2014) [+] (3 replies)
I dunno man looks closer to a poison ivy if you asked me
User avatar #5 - shinote (07/31/2014) [+] (4 replies)
That mask makes my eyes well up with fan-inspired pride. Very good outfit.

Not to mention that Ivy cosplayer is very gorgeous.
User avatar #7 to #6 - shinote (07/31/2014) [-]
You're very welcome. In that case, I mean no disrespect when I call her gorgeous haha. More pics would be awesome, I sure as hell wouldn't mind seeing more of that bad ass costume of yours. The mask makes me want one so bad xD
#30 - angelusprimus (07/31/2014) [+] (3 replies)
I bet he isn't even a real fan, just wearing a costume because he wants geek girls to drool over him.
What a manslut.
User avatar #29 - IamSofaKingdom (07/31/2014) [-]
That's not even a hood 0/10

I know who red hood is, calm down
User avatar #3 - psychadelicace (07/30/2014) [-]
That is an incredibly well made mask
User avatar #1 - breaken ONLINE (07/30/2014) [-]
#38 - randomrolling (11/21/2014) [-]
**randomrolling rolled image**
**randomrolling rolled image**
User avatar #36 - hellomynameisbill ONLINE (08/01/2014) [+] (1 reply)
So the picture was taken by Norman Chan from
#32 - alphavsomega (07/31/2014) [-]
That. Is ******* badass.
#31 - Glitched (07/31/2014) [-]
I got nothin.
#27 - anonymous (07/31/2014) [-]
Ahh this Con was really good, I even got laid since a long time with a girl in a roger rabbit costume.
#15 - lolwutbbqsauce (07/31/2014) [-]
**lolwutbbqsauce rolled image**
#12 - cktan (07/31/2014) [-]
User avatar #13 - breakfastskippa (07/31/2014) [-]
kill yourself
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