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Final 2nd FJ Demographic

Alright, Funnyjunk: the results are in from round 21 This second
demographic polled Hers and asked them to provide their ill
religious preference, © Sexual orientation, lal Relationship status,
and 141 Social class. [Links to both the or and preliminary as demographics found in deed]
Some things to take note of:
I am not perfect and am open to making mistakes. I had to attempt to
judge legitimate responses from illegitimate ones, and I' m sure I made
someone angry in one way or another, especially since these issues are
all rather personal. My general rule was to group similar responses
together and to consider something official if it either tal had multiple
responses or tbl was verified we simple Boogie search.
2] #1 again. Please don' t overreact and demand that you are unique. We
all love to consider ourselves special, myself included. Just realize that I
do not intend to offend; do not mistake ignorance for aggression.
1. People thinking social class = social popularity
2. People thinking that this exhaustively defines everyone on F].
3. People realizing for the first time that they are actually "heteroflexible."
4. religion/ philosophy experts.
5. "That one guy who asked for a shoutout."
My favorite response:
Straight, but hopefully not after tonight, wish me luck!"
Some guy aor: eventally writing "straight" instead of '''single'''
N" The Results
1. Religious Preference
Reli ious Preference E
I Atheist as 3% 2% . Other
I Christian 3%
I Agnostic 237 3%
I Pagan/ reopen 41
I Muslim 40
I Apatheist M
I None as
Theist M
Buddhist 23
Pastafarian 22
Undecided 20
Deist 19
Jewish 17 With the popularity of the atheism channel, are
IO any of us surprised?
Pantheist 7
Taoist S
Spiritualist 4
Hindu 2
Dynastic 2
Shinto 2
Humanist 1
Rastafarian 1
Theresita 1
Mormon 1
Galactic Federation of Light 1
Nihilist 1
Realist 1
Sikh 1
2. Sexual Orientation
Sexual Orientation E 4% 3% 1%
I heterosexual 925 4%
I bisexual 127
I heteroflexible TS
I pansexual
I homosexual 47
I asexual
I demisexual S
3. Relationship Status
Relationship Status E 2% 1' 5‘ 1%
I single 797
I dating SSS
engaged 54
married as
separated 4
divorced 1
Funnyjunk dating service, anyone?
4. Social Class
Socialblade E
lower TE
middle 549
upper 56
Thanks again, everyone! Don' t forget to subscribe to "census-
channel" if you like these, and feel free to start up your own polls!
If this gets another good response and I get some good
I' ll consider doing another. Until then,
Stay classy, .
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