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bronytime: hay

Okay. Whoever is using this channel to GET BACK at ANYPONY is being rude. If you don't like this channel, well, I've already explained to shadowofthewisps that it isn't personal and actually apologized for some behavior that i've seen on ponytime. yes, this is another channel...but it isn't a chance to attack anyone. so please stop using it in that manner.
if you personally choose to shoot down another person please don't do it in bronytime's name for celestia sake. that's ridiculous. the point is to have another channel if you want to agree to disagree with how ponytime wishes to be run according to its owner. since i cannot delete the channel, that means YOU should probably learn some self discipline. (to the haters)

bronytime is open to whomever wants to use it. so there. yeah. since i've told you how i feel about the channel, please don't abuse it, because that isn't cool. anyway, i assume no responsibility for moderating what goes on. i don't want to be an admin. just...be a good person. i guess that is my only expectation.
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