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#3 - anon
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God: "Hey, hey yo Mosses!"
Mosses: "Oh, hey God. What's up?"
God: "I have these fifteen commandments for you, I put them on stone tables for visual aids."
Mosses: "Okay, give em' to me and and I'll go tell the guys."
God: "What? All at once? Are you sure you can hold them all? They're pretty heavy, maybe you should just take one at a time."
Mosses: "**** that, it'll be fine, if I can part a sea I can hold three tables."
God: "If you say so, just don;t drop them, they could break. The last five are the most important so be extra careful with that one."
Mosses: "What was that?"
God: "Never mind, just take them."
Mosses: "Okay, see ya round God."
God: "Kaythanksbye."
Mosses: *trips* "****."