They Should. He is just awesome, and has an epic story, they should've given him his own series. longhair [EU] cer MMP, aug as ii ratway/ Bax ". In all honesty, I think that Roku is a shocking avatar. If he would have just killed Sozin then there would have been no 100 year war, the air nomads would stil
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They Should

He is just awesome, and has an epic story, they should've given him his own series

longhair [EU]
MMP, aug as ii
ratway/ Bax "
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Submitted: 06/29/2012
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#128 - anonymous (09/26/2012) [-]
I like most of these ideas. Much more than Korra. I don't like Korra as the person, the only reason i can stand watching the show is because of the other characters.
#127 - samyek (09/15/2012) [-]
What about Avatar Kyoshi. I am Quite Curious how she became such an ice queen. She founded the Dai Li, Stopped a Marauding Conquerer, and Created her own landmass. Frankly I do want to hear more of her story
User avatar #123 - grpeephole (07/01/2012) [-]
they already did his story
User avatar #122 - Loppytaffy (06/30/2012) [-]
I want Avatar Jafar or Avatar Batman to have their own series. Or the no armed avatar lady who stands three rows behind Aang.
User avatar #117 - bandoslootshare (06/30/2012) [-]
I hope they do this, it would be nice to see pre-100 year war, pre- republic city
#110 - themilkmon (06/30/2012) [-]
They already did.
It's called Avatar: Are you ready to Roku!? .....:D
User avatar #104 - cymbaoth (06/30/2012) [-]
Or Kyoshi. she was ******* bad ass.
#103 - anonymous (06/30/2012) [-]
Make more with Aang..
#119 to #103 - anonymous (06/30/2012) [-]
I want to see Aang as an adult, like around the time that the flashbacks took place.
User avatar #95 - Tazdingo (06/30/2012) [-]
I think Kyoshi led a much more interesting life...
User avatar #94 - sorcha (06/30/2012) [-]
do all the last one id like to see the story of the first avatar
User avatar #92 - MrPadre (06/30/2012) [-]
They could always put out the stories of past avatars in graphic novel form. I would read the **** out of those
#111 to #92 - themilkmon (06/30/2012) [-]
User avatar #89 - badgoodass (06/30/2012) [-]
Why not give Jafar his own series?
User avatar #87 - Surreal (06/30/2012) [-]
No. Because that means another ******* channel that everyone will complain about.
User avatar #97 to #87 - misfitsftw (06/30/2012) [-]
i think it would still go into bending time
User avatar #84 - wertologist (06/30/2012) [-]
If the avatar state is the powers of all past avatars combined, what about the avatar state for first the first avatar?
User avatar #116 to #84 - thatonesmartdude (06/30/2012) [-]
My guess is that there simply is no avatar state for the first avatar.
User avatar #91 to #84 - shunkahawolf (06/30/2012) [-]
...damnit now i wanna see that
#86 to #84 - Hobosaur (06/30/2012) [-]
.,l,, (ಠ_ಠ) ,,l,.
#80 - notmadguy (06/30/2012) [-]
Not much happened to him, that would be like a couple episodes long.
User avatar #96 to #80 - khalidshoukat (06/30/2012) [-]
Have you not seen the episode where Roku tells Aang about his past? It is a quite heart-warming story, and I'd love to see it in the form of a series.
User avatar #124 to #96 - tmax (07/01/2012) [-]
All Roku really did was train and master the 4 elements. He had the one fight with Sozin, then lived all happy and **** until the volcano ****** up his island and then he died from the volcano. He was a peace-time avatar, very little action.
#75 - anonymous (06/30/2012) [-]
Too bad they spoiled pretty much every major part in his life during "The Avatar and the Firelord" (s3e6)
#74 - anonymous (06/30/2012) [-]
No Avatar Kyoshi for sure. Big feet and lived to be 232 years old.
#78 to #74 - thirdtimecharm ONLINE (06/30/2012) [-]
I totally agree.
#73 - anonymous (06/30/2012) [-]
but we already know his story. so there is nothing really to tell
#72 - danielesq (06/30/2012) [-]
bitchplease.jpeg give uncle IROH his own show he is the most awesome man EVER
#77 to #72 - Xepheros (06/30/2012) [-]
I would agree, if it wasn't for his voice actor Mako dying after a struggle with cancer during season 2. :(
#102 to #77 - swiftykidd **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#112 to #102 - Xepheros (06/30/2012) [-]
He wasn't bad no, I didn't even notice the change the first time I watched the show. But now that I've watched it alot more times, the change is huge and impossible not to notice. Greg did a great job surely, but he's no Mako.
#98 to #77 - danielesq (06/30/2012) [-]
true we will all miss mako but his replacement wasent bad and besides a young Iroh wouldent have that awesome voice yet
true we will all miss mako but his replacement wasent bad and besides a young Iroh wouldent have that awesome voice yet
#99 to #98 - Xepheros (06/30/2012) [-]
His replacement wasn't bad, no, but he was no Mako. Besides, Iroh was such an amazing character that I'd bet he got that badass voice as soon as puberty hit like a truck at age 12.
#100 to #99 - danielesq (06/30/2012) [-]
... this sir is unpresidented i can find no flaw in your logic, i realy dont know what to do now.
User avatar #71 - poophaspooped (06/30/2012) [-]
I think they should just focus on Korra right now
and they should also focus on re-making the movie
with a better director
User avatar #81 to #71 - Turmoil (06/30/2012) [-]
I don't know. The tv series are just so good I feel like any feature film put into theaters would only disappoint the fans.
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