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User avatar #6 - austone (07/08/2013) [-]
I don't know his voice. So i read it in a voice that I think is Hulk Hulgan.
User avatar #15 to #6 - anonymoose (07/08/2013) [-]
The Boulder - Avatar Last Airbender Then you did read it in his voice, essentially.
User avatar #32 to #15 - austone (07/08/2013) [-]
The voice I read it in sounds almost the same. The only difference is the fact that the voice in this is a little deeper than the voice I read it in.
#8 to #6 - manwithatoaster (07/08/2013) [-]
See my comment, the guy in the picture (Mick Foley) is the guy who voices him
User avatar #7 to #6 - rzthree (07/08/2013) [-]
That's more accurate that you'd think.
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