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Submitted: 08/02/2014
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User avatar #14 - targaryren (08/03/2014) [+] (7 replies)
I am gonna say she isn't
I am gonna say that her history with Zaheer is going to come into play
but that she isn;t working with him or friends with him anymore
just a guess tho
User avatar #15 - imapsychiatrist (08/03/2014) [-]
she also helped korra get away from lyn to go after zaheer instead of back to republic city, which just made zaheer's job easier.
User avatar #7 - hellomynameisbill (08/03/2014) [-]
She is referred to as the matriarch of the city. Which dictates that she and her family control Zaofu. Hypocrisy much? We haven't seen any councils or democratic parties, so she pretty much has supreme control of the city.
User avatar #5 - psychadelicace (08/03/2014) [+] (6 replies)
I believe she is and one more thing, She said her mother Toph left to travel the world to search for enlightenment, what if Toph found out about what the Red Lotus was up to and suyin had Toph locked away somewhere? or even worse killed
#9 to #5 - RageGuyyourmom (08/03/2014) [-]
At like age 10 Toph could go toe-to-toe with Bumi (from ATLA) theres no way that when she got older and with more practice she ever got taken by her daughter alone there had to be a rather large group to do that.
User avatar #4 - samxdaxman (08/03/2014) [+] (2 replies)
She and Iwei(or however the **** you spell his name) definitely had something going on. I bet she wanted Korra to leave so she could get captured. Lin is gonna find out and there's gonna be an actual showdown.

Holy **** , that would be epic.
#3 - fefe (08/03/2014) [-]
She lives in a lotus shaped kingdom. BOOM
User avatar #2 - thedeathaudition (08/03/2014) [-]
I think she is up to something. I just do not know what.
User avatar #1 - satrenkotheone (08/02/2014) [-]
She's a shady ************ .
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