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#33 - trollins (06/05/2012) [+] (4 replies)
In Avatar Extras, it states that only the Avatar can bend magma/lava.
#31 - leonge (06/05/2012) [+] (2 replies)
Why is fire benders the only bender that can create their element out of nothing? Air benders bend the air around them, water benders bend the water around them and earth bender bends the earth around them but fire benders just make fire from nothing.
User avatar #38 to #31 - instakill (06/05/2012) [-]
actually the firebenders use their chi to heat up the air wherever they direct it to such a degree that a flame appears
#35 - fappi **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #21 - mrradical (06/05/2012) [-]
The thing with earth bending is that it involves a lot of physical contact with the earth, like when that guy kick the floating rock in the opening. The forms and styles of earth bending are made for bending solid rock, and are supposed to reflect the stubbornness and hardness of rocks. Lava is a fluid, and so I think if and earth bender wanted to bend lava, he would have to learn water or air bending techniques.
In theory, an earth bender should be able to, since lava is earth at extremely high temperatures. after all, water benders can bend ice and steam.
however, it takes much less energy to change water from a solid to a liquid than it does for earth. I think it would take enormous strength, endurance, and will power for an earth bender to make lava, and even more to bend it. In the show, they showed a clip of an Avatar from the fire nation causing volcanos to erupt, while he was in the avatar state, which I think supports the enormous strength portion

Summary: Bending lava (probably) requires knowledge of multiple bending styles and extreme physical strength and endurance, but not necessarily the ability to bend both earth and fire (though it probably would help)
#55 - animepost has deleted their comment [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #61 to #55 - elatedmonkey (06/05/2012) [-]
Really? Water and Lava are now the same thing? Just because it is a liquid doesn't make it water. Waterbenders control water in its three states of matter.
#1 - ettne ONLINE (06/05/2012) [+] (8 replies)
only the avatar can do it you need earth an firebending
User avatar #2 to #1 - niggstompa (06/05/2012) [-]
^truth. I'm pretty sure there was a scene in TLA of Roku trying to stop a volcano.
#90 - azroth (06/06/2012) [-]
Firebenders and earthbenders can bend lava, it's just easier for firebenders   
..and you have to be really 			*******		 good
Firebenders and earthbenders can bend lava, it's just easier for firebenders

..and you have to be really ******* good
#30 - jackolop (06/05/2012) [+] (7 replies)
they can
User avatar #41 to #30 - lotengo ONLINE (06/05/2012) [-]
if im wrong ill know it because i will get like 40 red thumbs by the time i wake up tomorrow

But isnt that a scematic that applies only to the avatar, like, u need to be able to firebend AND earthbend to bend lava..and that it is NOT an ability they share?
User avatar #83 - atemysharpie (06/06/2012) [+] (2 replies)
Kyoshi could bend lava.
User avatar #58 - iamundeadnub (06/05/2012) [-]
Question: Why does this have so many thumbs?
User avatar #16 - welshdrag (06/05/2012) [+] (2 replies)
I would assume they could bend the earth inside of the lava, but since lava is just a mixture of earth and fire, the fire would fall out and leave the earth separated, unless it was mixed well enough to the point where they could bend the whole thing.
User avatar #19 to #16 - wyckalas (06/05/2012) [-]
well you must be reatrded. "mixed well" Lava is melted rocks. It cannot be mixed more. Earthbenders should be able to bend lava with no probem
User avatar #54 - tehee (06/05/2012) [+] (2 replies)
only the avatar can. it is both fire and earth bending. said so in avatar extras i think cant remember the episode though
#22 - isolotop (06/05/2012) [+] (4 replies)
Lava Bending can only be done by the Avatar since it's a combination of Fire and Earth Bending.
User avatar #34 to #24 - trollins (06/05/2012) [-]
Avatar Extras, muthafukker, that's who.
User avatar #99 - miklthepikl (06/06/2012) [+] (6 replies)
nope, it was addressed once.

only a bender with control over both earth and fire (aka, the avatar) can bend lava as it is a combination of both elements, making it 'untamable' for an earth or fire bender.

the real question is, if earth bending has metal bending, fire bending has lightning, and water bending has bloodbending... whats air bendings 'secret form'?
User avatar #108 to #106 - miklthepikl (06/06/2012) [-]
while mud was bent (thats the right word, right?), i'm pretty sure that katara and toph had to bend in tandem to effectively bend the mud.

the only times we've ever seen lava be bent was by roku and kiyoshi (sp?), both avatars. i mean, i could be wrong, but its my understanding that its very hard to bend combined elements unless benders of both are present at the time
User avatar #84 - samueltheawesome (06/06/2012) [+] (3 replies)
Lavabending is a combination of earthbending and firebending
User avatar #89 to #84 - therealslim (06/06/2012) [-]
my profile is better
User avatar #6 - warrenzthehero (06/05/2012) [+] (3 replies)
The show specifically stated that you need Earthbending and Firebending, so the Avatar is the only single person who can bend lava.
However, a firebender and/or earthbender can assist, and one or more skilled benders of each art could in theory work together to do it.
User avatar #102 - dedaluminus (06/06/2012) [-]
When two elements are mixed, both benders can bend it. Lava is fiery rock, and can be bent by both firebenders and earthbenders. Steam is water and air, and can be bent by airbenders and waterbenders. Mud is water and earth, and we've seen Katara and Toph bend mud, at the same time, with equal amounts of skill.
User avatar #87 - largilloquent (06/06/2012) [-]
both earth and fire should be able to bend it separately in the same way water and earth can both bend mud. there solved.
#48 - fefe (06/05/2012) [+] (3 replies)
A better question would be; Should Earthbenders be able to bend blood as well? There's Iron in blood
User avatar #52 to #49 - churrundo (06/05/2012) [-]
also because the iron in the blood is pure iron, metalbenders bend the impurities in alloys
User avatar #11 - inyourmind (06/05/2012) [+] (6 replies)
I think a firebender can bend lava if they are really good. Also I feel fire bender is a misnomer for them instead they are more like a form of energy bender. This is because they can create lighting which has no fire in it and also they are the only bender whose source is in themselves.
User avatar #17 to #15 - BridgeTroll (06/05/2012) [-]
since when are air and oxygen the same thing?
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