ProBending DeFictionalized (UPDATED). I posted an early version a few days ago based on another post requesting that someone make it into a real game. I am curr this is Not about the thumbs it is about sharing funny and interesting things
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ProBending DeFictionalized (UPDATED)

ProBending DeFictionalized (UPDATED). I posted an early version a few days ago based on another post requesting that someone make it into a real game. I am curr

I posted an early version a few days ago based on another post requesting that someone make it into a real game. I am currently working on making this a sport at my college. I already have got some interest and I would like to share it with you guys. Feel free to try making your own games(Though current price estimates are 200 dollars, which is pricey for something that isnt certain to work). I will likely post one more time about this with results from the first attempted game which may be in a month or so. If you choose to spread this to your school all I ask is that you give credit to me and my school. Sorry for the long read(both content and description)

Propounding is a popular creed sport in Republic City involving time teams of three benders, ene from
each of the three main existing bending arts, The objective of the sport is m gain as much territory
the ring as possible a set amount of time, er, alternatively, m push members of the
opposing team ever the back of the ring,
Since there are three rounds players will be a different element each round m avoid issues like
everyone 'tainting m be the same element. A team may elect he keep players as they are er only
change tee. Each team must always have ene player of each element.
At the mart of the match, each team must remain the first sene nearest m the center of the
arena, Once a is knocked inte sene time by sameone from the opposing team, he er she must
stray there and annet return m sene ene. The same rules apply if he er she crosses ever m sene
three. Ha player is completely knocked off the back of the ring, they annet return m the field in that
round, but an return fer the next round if there is ene.
Players are aloud be go back inte other seas m celled elements but they an net play while back there
and if you are hit while outside of your sene you are stai:: k there.
If all three members from ene team are knocked back inte sene two, the referee will signal and the
opposing team an advance inte sene ene en the other side. If they then manage m knock all of the
opposing team members inte sene three, another green light appears between series ene and two,
and they an advance again inte sene time. However, ifa team that has been pushed back manages m
push the other team back a sene, they an advance forward ene sene.
If ene member ofa team is pushed back then his team gets the okay m advance they may move forward
along Givith them,
The main aim fer both teams is m push the other team back, thereby gaining match
consists of three rounds of three minutes each, The team that has managed m gain the mest territory
the time frame wins the round, This means that even if time players from ene team have been
knocked out, that team an still win if the remaining player manages be gain the mest territory by the
end of the round, If both sides have net gained any territory, the team Givith the mest players left
wins. , the round is a draw, resulting in a ,
The way you are pushed back will be based en a point system. If you are hit Givith Earth you lake 2
points while if you are hit Givith fire You er water it only counts as ene. Once you reach five hits You
mave back, You alse mave back if you cross inte the sene in front of you er play from the sene behind
You, Hits do net transfer Givith You, So if you have aka few points and then are hit Givith earth you
mave back and your caunt is reset m o,
Each Earth user will need 13 Frisbees. 3 placed in sene ene, 6 placed in 2 and 9 placed in 3. Discs will
be collected at the end of each round and players may place their discs at any point in the seas.
Earth an be held and used m block, Each disc an only block ene mack then must be discarded,
Each Water user will have 50 Foam Footballs sacks. The sene ene will hold ID, sene time will hold 15
while sene three will hold 25.
Each Fire user will have 5 dodge balls that they will mart Givith in Zone, Fire users an reuse any
dodgeball. Dodgeballs that go out of bounds will be returned m the field, Dodgeballs that are still the
ring remain there until retrieved by a player.
Players an only handle their element. You annet use the other teams element Givith the exception of
fire, If Frisbees er (Myballs get in your way you an tea them outside of the ring, A referee er a player
may all a time out if the field has gotten ever screwwed. when a team advances all of used elements are
removed from the ceart and the remaining the elements in the sene they advance tee are new
considered theirs,
Matches are wen by either winning the mest rounds er by executing 'kner: gouts', Knockouts are
accomplished when all members of an opposing team are knocked off the back of the ring ene
reind. Even ifa team has wen time rounds, they must still play a third round, as a match an end in a
knockout at any point,
Te Breakers will be held if both sides have equal territory and players. A cean tea will be held and
whaever wins the cean ftp will decide the element. Matches will be decided based en whe gets the first
hit. Earth benders mart Givith ene disc each, Fire benders mart Givith ene ball, and Water benders mart
Givith time hackee sacks. In the event that both players miss then the tie breaker will mart again, If
players miss again then the team that lest the cean tea will get m choose between the time remaining
elements fer another tie breaker. If the match ends in a tie again then the referees will delegate a
Referees and ball returners will be made up of teams. Se cffeam A and B are having a
match Team C and D agains will referee and the other players will return elements m players.
Head and groin shots are offlimits. Ne unnessary roughness, Game arses when a ref alls a time
out, Players may declare a time out if there is a problem, The refs will rule after the time out ifit was a
reasen m halt play, If net then the team that alled time out must mave back a sene.
If a rule violation mars the Referees an either issue a warning en mave the player back ene sene. Ha
Player steps significantly out of their sene they may be moved back a sene. If a player intentionally
moves an element other than there ewn they may be moved back a sene. These alls are left up m the
referees. Remember Referees that everyone makes mistakes it is yew job m keep the game tun and
fair. Don' t abuse your pewee no need m be extremely strict Givith rules sometimes a warning is all that is
It is a GAME people, Bad attitude is a violation and will be treated as if you stepped out of bounds er hit
a player in the head. Accidents will happen and referees may make bad alls. It happens and we need
m have tun and mave en.
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