Pro Bending Fo Real. Saw this a while back. /channel/bendingtime/Pro+Bending+in+real+life/jcRdGwp/ Decided to progress the concept a little. Working on getting  Pro Bending Fo Real Saw this a while back /channel/bendingtime/Pro+Bending+in+real+life/jcRdGwp/ Decided to progress the concept little Working on getting
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Pro Bending Fo Real

Pro Bending Fo Real. Saw this a while back. /channel/bendingtime/Pro+Bending+in+real+life/jcRdGwp/ Decided to progress the concept a little. Working on getting

Saw this a while back. /channel/bendingtime/Pro+Bending+in+real+life/jcRdGwp/ Decided to progress the concept a little. Working on getting this set up at my college. What do you guys think The game will be played outside.

Earth- Frisbees
Water- Arter Balloons
Fire- Dodge Balls
Propounding is a popular cooed sport in Republic City involving twp teams of three benders, pne from
each of the three main existing bending arts, The objective of the sport is m gain as much territory
wimin the ring as possible wimin a set amount of time, pr, alternatively, m push members of the
opposing team pver the back of the ring,
At the smut of the match, each team must remain wimin the first zone nearest m the center of the
arena, Once a is knocked intp zone twp by someone from the opposing team, he pr she
must stray there and return m zone One, The sanae rules apply if he pr she crosses pver m
zone three. Ha player is completely knocked off the back of the ring, they return m the field in
that round, but umn return mu the next round if there is One,
If all three members from pne team are knocked back intp zone twp, the referee will signal and the
opposing team advance intro zone pne on the other side; if they do this, they move
back. wards intro their pwn zone {Unless m gather elements but if you are hit when you are in a we of
the Epnis behind ypu, you are stuck. there), If they then manage m knock all of the opposing team
members intp Apne three, another green light appears between zones we and twp, and they
advance again intp ENE twp. However, ifa team that has been pushed back manages m push the
other team back a ENE, they advance forward we Ewe.
The main aim mu both teams is m push the other team back, thereby gaining match
consist of three rounds of three minutes each, The team that has managed m gain the mast territory
wimin the time frame wins the round, This means that even if twp players from we team have been
knocked out, that team still win if the remaining player manages m gain the mast territory by the
end of the round, If both sides have not gained any territory, the team wim the mast players left
wins. , the round is a draw, resulting in a ,
The way you are pushed back will be based w a point system. If you are hit wim Earth you we two
points while if you are hit wim fire pr water it only cpuom as we. Once you reach five hits you move
back, You also move back if you cross intp the Ewe in front of you pr play from the Ewe behind ypu.
Hits do not transfer wim ypu. So if you have cken fpor points and then are hit wim earth you move
back and your caunt is reset m o,
Each Earth user will need 13 Frisbees. 3 placed in Ewe we, 6 placed in 2 and 9 placed in 3. Discs will
be collected at the end of each round and players may place their discs at any point in the Ewes.
Earth be held and used m block, Each disc only block we attack then must be discarded,
Earth is active until it lands.
Each Arter user will have 3 buckets set up wim water balloons, The Ewe we bucket will hold ID,
Ewe twp will hold 20 while Ewe three will hold 30. Balloons may be replaced at the end of the round,
Water is active until it pops,
Each Fire user will have 5 dodge balls that they will smut wim in Zone l, Fire is active until it hits
something other than a player pr an element. Fire users umn reuse any dodgeball. Dodgeballs that go
out of bounds will be returned m Fire Users wim the least amount of dodgeballs. Dodgeballs that are
still the ring remain their until retrieved by a player. You can only mum your element.
Matches are wpn by either winning the mast rounds pr by executing 'kner: gouts', Knockouts are
accomplished when all members of an opposing team are knocked off the back of the ring wimin we
round. Even ifa team has wpn twp rounds, they must still play a third round, as a match can end in a
knockout at any mint.
Te Breakers will be held if both sides have equal territory and players. A min mm will be held and
whaever wins the min ftp will decide the element. Matches will be decided based w whp gets the first
hit. Earth benders smut wim we disc each, Fire benders smut wim we ball, and Arter benders smut
wim twp balloons, In the event that both players miss then the tie breaker will smut again, If players
miss again then the team that lost the min mm will get m choose between the two remaining elements
mu another tie breaker. If the match ends in a tie again then the referees will delegate a victor.
Referees and ball returners will be made up of teams. So cffeam A and B are having a
match Team C and D meming will referee and the other players will return elements m players.
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You know your content is useful when it has more favorites than thumbs. But this is an awesome idea. Thumb and fave.
User avatar #1 - lamnad
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(08/07/2012) [-]
I would think that the things used for fire and earth would be reversed, being that Earth would be heaver the fire but I guess this works alright other whys.
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