MFW the final episode. BOOM! also my face when I forget everything..
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of season 2. Probably the Red thumbers have thought that I thought that this was the finale of the WHOLE series, so I thought that I post a comment that explains that I didn't, Furthermore, I would like to deduce that the season is the best one yet.
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I want the soundtrack. It was beyond amazing.
I want the soundtrack. It was beyond amazing.
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Anyone got a good website with LoK with reasonable quality?
#25 to #7 - irishlawyer (11/17/2013) [-] has it, great quality, and if you have adblock, you're fine
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difference between season one and two
season one ending i wondered what they were gonna do next - a evil was destroyed
season two ending i wondered whats gonna happen next - a gate was left open + above reason

bottom line i want to see what happens next regardless
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I don't know about anyone else, but I'm just happy that Bolin/Eska actually turned out
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Korra's FW that episode.
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they have been showing a lot of 1 hour specials. My guess is that they want to hurry up and bust out the blu rays and dvds of book 2 as soon as possible so that book 3 can be aired. they already started working on book 3 long before book 2 came out.
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The finale made no sense to me, but it was a Good season. You could tell they tried to go for a more light hearted season this time around, while being more focused on Korra. Not my Fav season, but still good, and answered a lot of questions about the avatar universe and spirits.
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It was awesome!
No matter what.

I love "Avatar" !
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a MFW pic of bolin when that creepy twin bitch pops out from behind the boulder and calls him her little turtle duck or something.
please can one of you neckbeard faggots get it for me? thanks you all peaches
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they all die
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Light Cycle Titties.

That's not ALL you need to know about this episode, but it's SOMETHING you need to know about this episode.
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I know this was supposed to be a serious moment but I laughed so hard I had to get off the computer before I could watch the next one.
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One question : how is it possible that i can watch the episode "darkness falls" right now, when its not even aired.
I am kinda confused. Did i miss something or did someone delete my memory from the last week ?
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Where will you be when diarrhea strikes?
Someone make a pic of that please.
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