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In Memory of Mako

Today is the anniversary of Mako Iwamatsu's death.
May he rest in peace.

"Leaves from the Vine" (Little Soilder Boy)

Leaves from the vine
Falling so slow
Like fragile, tiny shells
Drifting in the foam

Little soldier boy
Come marching home
Brave soldier boy
Comes marching home

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Submitted: 07/22/2012
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#5 - CatholicPriest (07/22/2012) [+] (2 replies)
There are no words to express how much i cried after hearing this
User avatar #8 to #7 - infiniteduress (07/22/2012) [-]
I'm sorry
I didn't mean to repost this it was just the best thing i could think to post on the anniversary of Mako's death
#11 - captainkoolaid (07/24/2012) [-]
I remember me and my friend were in the basement watching this. We were huge fans of the series and we loved how the episode showed just fun little stories of the characters in Ba Sing Se. Our favorite segment was always Iroh's because when this song played we started crying at the exact same time.
#12 - anonexplains (07/28/2012) [-]
that episode makes me a 22 year old man cry every time
#4 - casuallyblonde (07/22/2012) [-]
Thank you for the feels.
#3 - anonexplains (07/22/2012) [-]
put it in feels channel
#2 - zeldaman (07/22/2012) [-]
goddammit i literaly creid
User avatar #1 - xrainbowdashx (07/22/2012) [-]
*sniff sniff*
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