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Dem Chills


January 03, 2013 EDIT: - It has come to my attention that this person www.youtube.com/user/MTGYMUSIC is taking AMVs of Avatar/LOK and putting them on their channel as their own video. I know I don't own the rights to Avatar or anything, but how about you not steal other people's work?

This took forever in every sense of the word. Sifting through 3 seasons of episodes (never worked with an anime or cartoon), laying it out, RENDERING OMFG RENDERING! I love Sony Vegas, but JEBUS THE GLITCHES (I see some still) during render.

Anyways! The second I heard this song I immediately wanted to do one to Avatar. The better Avatar obviously. I got all my DVD seasons, got the clips, and went nuts..until my inspiration died. However it came back with a vengeance!

I am so happy the HD worked and that the resolution 1280x720 saaaaaved me with this video. Getting a 720x480 show to work in something else without losing tons of quality wasn't all that easy. Thank you Erin for saving me and being my Chief-Editor before releasing this. My lil sis too!

This is my first of what I hope will be many Avatar vids. Gawd I miss this show.

The message at the end is exactly for who it says it's for. My group of loved ones that I can't function without. Seriously, you guys are my everything.

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