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User avatar #39 - pringlez
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(06/17/2013) [-]
So, because Aang did technically die, does that mean an Avatar was born at that moment? If so, would it have just died some how when Aang was brought back to life? And if not, how long does the cycle get put on hold in between the death and birth of Avatars?
User avatar #45 to #39 - PrismaLowell
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(06/17/2013) [-]
he was in the Avatar state when he died
User avatar #43 to #39 - RandomAnonGuy
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(06/17/2013) [-]
As lemortedemiller said, no. He was in avatar state when he died, which would have broken the cycle had he not come back to life.
User avatar #93 to #43 - pringlez
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(06/17/2013) [-]
Ah that's right. I had forgotten that. Thank you for reminding me.