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Deathstroke Comp

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Deathstroke Comp
Deathstroke the Terminator or simply Deathstroke,
also known as Slade Wilson, was created by Marv
Wolfman and George Perez in 1980 as an
fighting both for and against the Teen ‘moans.
In 2009 he was rated the 32nd greatest comic book
villain of all time.
Deathstroke originally joined the US Army lying about
his age, and was quickly promoted to Major after
fighting in Korea.
He was later assigned to train young soldiers in new
fighting techniques in anticipation of brewing troubles
taking place in Vietnam.
Captain Adeline Kane fell in love with Slade seing
how fast he adapted to modern conventions of
She offered to train Slade in guerrilla warfare.
After a year, slade mastered every fighting form
presented to him. She Married Slade after 6
months and later became pregnant with their
first child.
Slade is genetically enhanced, meaning his
physical traits, such as strength endurance and
reaction time, has been enhanced beyond
normal human possibility. His healing factor as
well is faster than any other humans.
Slade, alike Batman and others, has access to
many high tech gadgets.
A criminal named the Jackal took his
younger son Joseph Wilson (Picture)
hostage to force Slade to divulge the name
of a client who had hired him as an
assassin. Slade refused as it conflicted with
his honnor code, and killed the Jackal and
his men at the rendezvous, but Josephs
vocal cords were destroyed in the process.
This resulted in Adeline getting enraged at
his endangerment of her son tried to kill
Slade by shooting him, but only managed
to destroy his right eye.
Deathstroke usually wears black and orange
armor and a mask that covers most of the face,
including his missing eye. If he is not wearing his
mask, he covers his eye with an eyepatch.
After his divorce with Adeline, Slade met Lillian
Worth on a mission,
After an intermittent love affair with Wilson, Worth
gave birth to a daughter whom she named Rose.
Believing it to be in the child' s best interest, Worth
kept Rose a secret from Wilson.
Deathstroke' s Wade Delarge, using
the name Ravager, later killed Deathstroke' s
friends and family. Delarge discovered Rose,
captured her, and told her that Deathstroke was
her father.
Deathstroke secretly injected Rose with the same
serum that gave him his abilities, and it caused her
to suffer from psychosis. She later gouged out an
eye to match her father.
Alike Batman, Slade had a Butler,
Wintergreen. Wintergreen was a SAS soldier
who saved him during a suicide mission.
Slade later saved Wintergreen from a POW
camp on Hanoi, disobeying orders. This act
made Wintergreen feel like he owed his life to
Slade, a debt he payed when deathstroke
tried to exorsism the spirit of his son Jerico
out of his body.
Wintergreen has yet to apear in the Prime
earth universe.
Deathstroke uses a variety of cadets,
one special is a special flash bomb that
is capable of incapacitating the entire
Justice League, including Superman,
although only long enough for him to
make an escape.
Other noteworthy weapons are',
Promethium Sword
Deathstroke' s Energy Lance
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