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#29 - anon id: 3a2821f0
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(02/24/2013) [-]
You atheists are becoming the kind of extremist **** you despise so much, at least when is opposite to your own beliefs (read as: religious). It's fine that you have your own ones, but you keep trying to put them down everybody's throats, you're not better than the ones you protest so hard against.
#361 to #29 - ryander
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(02/24/2013) [-]
****** jokes? Funny
9/11 jokes? Funny
Religion jokes? Woah man back off you're taking it too far
User avatar #316 to #29 - akg **User deleted account**
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(02/24/2013) [-]
Freedom of speech sure is extremist
User avatar #311 to #29 - tyseyh
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(02/24/2013) [-]
personally, i don't believe that ALL Christians try to force their views on others, i know this to be true.

I also know that not all Atheists are religion bashing arse holes.

Kind of like saying all blacks love chicken..wait..damn it! you know what i mean.
#270 to #29 - wolfblackfire **User deleted account**
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#208 to #29 - anon id: f5cbd4e3
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(02/24/2013) [-]
Atheism isnt a believe
Atheist "protest" about stupid ********* dumb cunt people who believe in stuff where is no evidence
How Stupid can you be to believe in something that doesnt even exist
Give me one Example . why God exists
You are just a dumb christ who is mad that his believe doesnt make sense and that
atheist are not such cowards and that they can stand the fact that they are not special and that they will die
You are pathetic people

Now Angry Christians will Thumb me Down
I dont give a **** you ******* pathetic dumb **** *****
#262 to #208 - boogermen **User deleted account**
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User avatar #181 to #29 - YllekNayr
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(02/24/2013) [-]
I'll agree with most except the first line.

Posts on Funnyjunk?
#143 to #29 - anon id: 3a9c1fd2
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(02/24/2013) [-]
You had better be prepared to present a case. This post is in no way "extremist".
#133 to #29 - anon id: 2ac2abdd
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(02/24/2013) [-]
I hate seeing people support Christians...nobody knows what they've done to me in life..being born to a Christian family, forced to go to church, forced to go a Christian school which, ironically, is what made me not believe Christianity one bit. They're all delusional people high on some sort of drug out there, I don't know, and I don't want to know what they're high on. ALL Christians deserve to die because of their highly illegal drug that all of them are hopped up on. :/
#295 to #133 - niggernazi
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(02/24/2013) [-]
you are one butthurt ************
you are one butthurt ************
#187 to #133 - envinite
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(02/24/2013) [-]
> Forced by your own christian family to go to chruch, christian school
> ALL christian deserve to die

***** that's like saying all atheist is a bunch of faggots because of this post, all moslem is terrorist after the 9/11 or all jews is a sadistic because Israel attack.

Don't just stereotype a group of people by a bunch of dicks. There's always an assholes in every group.
User avatar #71 to #29 - padfoott
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(02/24/2013) [-]
Thank you, glorious anonymous.
User avatar #62 to #29 - ericbeagles
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(02/24/2013) [-]
You're generalising, stahp
User avatar #32 to #29 - thebritishguy [OP]
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(02/24/2013) [-]
I know right! if I could count the amount of times I have had a leaflet through my letter box or someone knocking on my door to tell me that there is no God, or when they indoctrinate children in schools saying that God does not exist...oh wait a minute...
militant theists: shoot and blow people up
militant atheist: write a book on how science proves the bible wrong
I would campaign against homophobes if it was linked with religion or not it is simply disgusting, to hate someone for the way they LOVE is immoral in every sense of the word
#356 to #32 - kingpongthedon
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(02/24/2013) [-]
User avatar #47 to #32 - mynameisgeorge
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(02/24/2013) [-]

How can you hate pedophiles, or necropheliacs, or people into incest or bestiality? Love is love, right?

I have no problem with gay people, but your logic is ******* retarded.

By the way, the whole "militant theist vs militant atheist" thing, you may want to read up on the way Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and other atheists killed theists for "the good of the state".
User avatar #72 to #47 - thebritishguy [OP]
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(02/24/2013) [-]
pedophiles, or necropheliacs or bestiality are were only one person loves the other not a loving relationship so I don't define that as love. Incest is fine with me as long as it is consenting.
As you say they killed for the state, they were in no way killing for atheism, unlike when some one kills for God like Osama bin Laden, Hitler, Saddam Hussain, the soanish inquisition, terrorists. Lets look at the people who have been killed in the name of God: gay people, "witches", atheists, people of other religions, feminists, the people who died of slavery which was supported by the church's of America, the women and children who die in Islamic countries, the abortionists who get killed, the Jews who get killed by suicide bombers everyday, scientists and philosophers who contradicted the Catholic church, the people who died in holy wars. The list goes on you may want to read up on that.
User avatar #186 to #72 - mynameisgeorge
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(02/24/2013) [-]
There is consensual pedophelia,
necrophelia doesn't need consent as a dead body is an inanimate object, you don't need to ask a fleshlight for permission to have sex either
Bestiality can be entirely consensual if the animal is in heat

You may want to read up on the fact that Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc killed millions more than any religious institution in the name of atheism because they considered religious people as less than them. There was mandatory conversion of atheism in these regimes, that, or death. Keep in mid, these millions were killed in the 20th century as compared to the 2000 killed in the inquisition and exactly 19 killed in the witch trials.

The Catholic Church saved the Middle Ages with the invention of universities and a political system that could unite the crumbling empire. Religious wars are always landgrabbing under the guise of religion; if the Crusades were truly about religion, the crusaders wouldn't have wasted time conquering all of north Africa.

Hitler killed people because of a reaction to the horrible restrictions and debt put on Germany after WWI, the Jews were a scapegoat. Bin Laden was pissed because the Americans stopped financing him after the Russians were no longer a threat. Saddam killed an ethnic group, not a religious one. None of them were ever doing it for religion.

You are probably the most ignorant, religion bashing person I have ever encountered
User avatar #324 to #186 - enorus
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(02/24/2013) [-]
What a surprice, a brony with the mind of a child. How ironic that you would even mention the word ignorant.
User avatar #380 to #324 - mynameisgeorge
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(02/24/2013) [-]

Great argument

I like the part where you talked about my tastes in media rather that trying to refute my points
#267 to #186 - deadmanschest
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(02/24/2013) [-]
Okay I hate religion bashing as much as the next person, but you are a ******* idiot. Let's break down your retarded statements shall we?

First if you are going to try and make an argument that homosexuality is on the same level as pedophelia, necrophelia, and bestiality than I truly hope there is a God, because I will pray that he gives you a fully functioning brain one day. Pedophelia is wrong because the victim is not old enough to make decisions on sexuality, necrophelia is wrong because you are ******* a dead body. And seriously, bestiality is consensual if the animal is in heat? That's like raping someone and saying that they were horny so it was okay.

I would really like to see some sources in your second paragraph, none of those dictators have ever been recorded as killing in the name of Atheism or specifically killing religious people, they killed without reason and were just heartless people in general. Either you were misinformed, or you are pulling this ******** out of your ass.

Schooling and political systems existed long before the Middle ages and even before Catholicism itself. Yes the motives for the crusades and the like were probably just a land grab but they used religion as a tool to get people to follow them, if anything religion is at fault for being one hell of a control mechanism, which is why it is so scary. In the wrong hands religion can be used for great evil.

And finally, like I mentioned before, Saddam and Bin Laden use religion as a control mechanism, their intents are most likely non-religious but they use religion to get other people to do what they want.

Finally, I have no problem with religion, I didn't bash it at all actually. I think religion offers some great values and lessons for people to live by. What I don't like is people who think they can pull ******** out of their asses and say it's a valid argument. Please check your facts before you post. You are actually pretty ignorant yourself
User avatar #379 to #267 - mynameisgeorge
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(02/24/2013) [-]
The argument against homosexual bashing is "love is love" or "they can't change it" neither can pedophiles, necropheliacs, or people who engage in bestiality. As further backup, pedophelia wouldn't have different ages of consent if it was so wrong. It is relative, at what age a person is able to make decisions like that, which is why Germany's age of consent is 14 and the US's is 18. You can't just say "it's wrong" Again, necrophelia is sex with and inanimite object, how does that make it wrong? Just because it had sentimental value in life doesn't mean it's worth anything in death. Fleshlights have been modeled after peopple's vaginas, should they be outlawed becasue the vagina isn't alive anymore? Dogs, dolphins, apes and other animals are known to attack members of diferent species for sex, I believe that would be just cause to engage in relations with an animal. Love is love

So was it just a coincidence that Stalin decided to target Russian Orthodox people specifically?
This is a brief illustration of Stalin's and Khrushchev's attacks alone.

I didn't say that schooling and political systems didn't exist, I stated that "The Catholic Church saved the Middle Ages". They were the first to implement a university system EVER and they organized a political/religious regime that ensured the crumbling Roman State stayed together after the Barbarians crushed it.

Finally, try not to call me a ******** spouting idiot when attempting to understand my arguments and a 5 second google search would've cleared any issues you had.

#393 to #379 - deadmanschest
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(02/24/2013) [-]
"Joseph Stalin revived the Russian Orthodox Church to intensify patriotic support for the war effort."
Taken directly from your source. Yes there was anti-religious bashing going on in the Soviet Union, but I still don't see any evidence that this was Stalin's M.O. From what I can tell as much violence was caused by this movement as the countless other movements in the name of religion. Which brings me back to my point, religion or lack of religion is not the problem, evil people are the problem.
Pedophilia exists on two levels, from a moral standpoint and from a legal standpoint. In my last post I pointed out the argument from a moral standpoint. It gets trickier from a legal standpoint because there are grey areas where the government needs to define a definite line between right and wrong. However, religion should have no say in how a state defines pedophilia, just like they should have no say in how the state defines marriage. They are issues that apply to people of many different beliefs (plus I believe the catholic church has been known to practice some secretive pedophilia, again because they can easily control people) .
"Fleshlights have been modeled after peopple's vaginas, should they be outlawed becasue the vagina isn't alive anymore"
This is a stupid argument, the vagina mold in the fleshlight was never alive in the first place, it's plastic.
"Dogs, dolphins, apes and other animals are known to attack members of diferent species for sex, I believe that would be just cause to engage in relations with an animal"
So we should allow rape because animals do it? I guess we should also allow murder and cannibalism, because animals do it.
I wouldn't say the church "Saved the Middle Ages". Thousands of other societies existed concurrently with the Catholics. They may have saved a select group of people, but that's about it. Don't forget how they turned their followers into robots that killed for them.
User avatar #333 to #267 - thebritishguy [OP]
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(02/24/2013) [-]
thanks man, you deserve more thumbs ( :