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User avatar #219 - wolfmango
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so boko no pico is not this anime but let me share with you all the wikipedia description:

episode 1: An effeminate boy named Pico works at his grandfather's cafe during the summer, hoping to make some friends. He soon meets a man named Tamotsu "Mokkun", who seduces him, believing him to be a girl. Later at Mokkun's house, Pico asks Mokkun what he thinks of him, but he doesn't respond. Pico cuts his hair, and runs away. Mokkun searches for him, and the two reconcile at the end of the episode.

episode 2:Pico finds a boy named Chico swimming nude in a stream, and the two become friends. Later at Chico's house, Chico takes Pico to his attic, where the two spy on Chico's sister masturbating. Pico then shows Chico that boys can also do this, and the two have sex.

episode 3: Pico and Chico meet a cross dressing runaway named Coco who lives in a fort underneath the subway. Pico slowly begins to fall in love with Coco, causing him to question his feelings for Chico. The situation becomes exacerbated when Pico catches Coco and Chico having relations one night. Eventually, they reconcile, having a threesome atop Tokyo Tower.

and it just goes on i mean what the ****
#268 to #219 - arsyro
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If you've been on the internet as long as i have then this **** is child's play to you. This is for all you Newbies
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