Weekly Anime Discussion. Hey Guys Happy Chinese New Year! The pic because well for chinese new year mmm girls in chinese dresses......that is my fetish... , any Anime weekly discuss
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Weekly Anime Discussion

Hey Guys Happy Chinese New Year! The pic because well for chinese new year mmm girls in chinese dresses......that is my fetish... , anyways this week I would like you guys to create your very own character. Create one female and one male character and give details about them, like looks, personality, abilities, past, preference, etc. Just the characters and then next week we will place them in a world and set up a story. The people with the most thumbs will have their characters and story posted the following week of the next one.I look forward to all the creativity, and try not to copy others, but then again this is your world and this is for fun so go ahead and tell OP to stfu. Anyways have fun guys and I will back next week! It's not like I want you to thumb and subscribe.....BAKA!!!

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Submitted: 02/11/2013
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#1 - magictheg (02/12/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Yumiko was born into the Tachibana family and was selected to be an Angelic Warrior at a young age she began training at the age of 8 and quickly became the strongest in her training group, she is now the best swordsman in Angelic Army and is the Captain of the 88th Combat Squad, her Lieutenant is Takashi Nobuyuki.

Yumiko is a very kind and gracious person going out of her way to help others. She is also fun loving and is notorious for pulling pranks on the members of the 88th Combat Squad. A completely different Yumiko appears on the battlefield, she becomes dead serious and very strategic, she still retains her kindness and tries to talk the enemy out of fighting and captures as many enemies as possible. However, if the foe posses to great of a threat she will order her squad back and fight the foe alone, she has been saved 5 separate times by Takashi and the 88th when she tried fighting something to powerful for a single warrior to handle, she becomes useless on the battlefield after that out of shock and gratitude that her squad disobeyed her orders and saved her.
Master Swordsman
Master Strategist
Fire and Ice Magic
Fire Bolt
Ice Bolt
Flame Sword
Ice Sword
Thousand Dancing Flames(Creates a raging inferno around her sword and swings at her enemy sending a swirling vortex of flame towards the enemy.
Thousand Frozen Bricks(She creates a giant ice wall that blocks incoming attacks)
IceFire Bolt
Flame Armor(She uses fire to protect herself and damage nearby foes)
Ice Field(Turns the ground around her into extremely thick ice)

Takashi will be up soon.
User avatar #3 - icyflesh (02/17/2013) [+] (3 replies)
Name: Doesn´t have one/Can´t think of a good name (I´ll refer to him as XX)
Title: Nether Lord
Sex: Male
Age: ????
Part 1 (Heaven):
Originally God´s right hand. XX had power equal to that of god, but he was happy watching and helping god create the human world and had no desire to create his own world. Like God he grew fond of the human race. Lucifer took notice of this, so one day Lucifer told XX that he could visit the humans by going though heaven’s gate. He travelled to earth the instant Lucifer told him, even though he knew god had forbidden them for visiting earth. His presence alone killed any human that came near him. He returned to heaven with a heavy heart. Lucifer told god what XX had done and banished XX from heaven for visiting earth and killing humans. XX afraid to harm anymore humans, created a new plain between heaven and earth called "The Nether".

Part 2 (Nether)
XX reminded in the Nether and was consumed by his own sadness, crying until he had no more tears and blood started to flow instead of water. XX learned how to observe the humans from his know realm, which was the only thing stopping him from ending his own life. During this time Lucifer was cast from heaven and created hell. One day Lucifer entered XX realm to ask him to join Lucifer in his war against God, but XX refused as he only hated himself for killing another human. In an attempt to make XX hate God, Lucifer reminded XX that Lucifer told him how to get to earth and that he knew XX would end up killing humans by going there. XX learning that Lucifer knew what would happen that day exploded in rage and started to beat Lucifer to bloody pulp until Lucifer managed to slip away after being beaten no stop for an entire century. To be continued in a reply to this comment.

Part 3 (Earth)
To be continued in a reply to this comment.

(English is not my first language and I suck at double checking my own spelling. Feel free to proof read it and make suggestions)
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