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VICTUBIA #1 - New in Town


Hay, this is a comic/anime hybrid I've been looking forward to a lot. and this is the first episode so please just have a quick gander.

First part of Victubia is here!
It's the first part of many! ;)
Sharing this with your friends helps me out a lot! ♥ Thanks!

Introducing Lord Pewdiepie and Lady Marzia as they move to the biggest city in the country of Victubia; Victubia Capital.
Where strange things are lurking in the dark...

Next part: TBA
BEFORE YOU ASK QUESTIONS, CHECK OUT THE FAQ; victubia.tumblr.com/post/62530136812/victubia-faq

DISCLAIMER: This is a fanproject. The youtubers themselves are not directly involved in this project, so please do not bother them with questions about Victubia, because they know as little as you guys do.

Drawn with Photoshop CS6.
Edited with Adobe After Effects and Windows Movie Maker.

◆ Victubia FAQ: victubia.tumblr.com/post/62530136812/victubia-faq
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◆ Twitter: #victubia

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