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#3 - anonymous (06/15/2013) [-]
Don't forget about this:

>Goku turns SSJ3, the entire worlds quakes and almost gets ripped apart

>Goku turns SSJ4, only the rock he stands on breaks
User avatar #47 to #3 - lukagamer (06/16/2013) [-]
Probably because going from SSJ2-SSJ3 requiers alot more energy than going SSJ3-SSJ4 I dunno , thats my guess :\
User avatar #15 to #3 - aerr (06/16/2013) [-]
As he becomes more powerful he also learns how to better control his energy. Ex: the first time Goku goes super Saiyan the earth around his raises and lightning is everywhere as his energy is un contained and super charging the air around him. Later on when he can tranform at will, and has better control of his ki, this no longer happens.

I'm guessing since SSJ3 was his first step up he wasn't prepared for it, and by SSJ4 he had a firm grasp on how to control his ki. He was like 53 in GT so he'd been super saiyaning for 28 years at this point.
User avatar #12 to #3 - fukbushizgetmunny (06/16/2013) [-]
what the **** is a ssj4?
User avatar #13 to #12 - qwarthos (06/16/2013) [-]
Full grown Goku sized man ape with red fur from Dragonball GT
User avatar #7 to #3 - srapture (06/15/2013) [-]
Although it doesn't make too much sense to apply logic to anime, that might be because it's a more efficient super saiyan state which doesn't transfer as much energy to it's surroundings so more energy is contained within the user. Just a thought.
User avatar #4 to #3 - nephritho (06/15/2013) [-]
ssj4 non canon.
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