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That sasuke guy in the comments

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D Frends' Notes
D Pages' Notes
D Lynnette
Jump In mend W Page
I Equally Hawk
w Enemy Hare) eh Founda/, January 31, tunein um
Haw In An ms UCHIHA
Easy " Steps
t Observe watch the epiodes, with seem and note whet he dues, and
wheh he does twee
2 [emergence , and/ shew people that Wu we
whetted than theh Make sure that others we t tee
a Airtime Van aee ewe nyehe the tme er day, not e best whe, w grl( /
Fiend They we below van In SM and knowledge, we should an we we hate
l Aways st Nth Wm Farms crossed and slumped W Yam seat and Yam was
geweten, because agent he Joe 5 as cool es van seem 5 when hte
angers we rustig hte thumbs eh hte hawks
5 Stan whatthe blue DY /, and f Wu teeny Want In go shave we
be/ ond, gave /curser e 'duck' settee, Nth longer bangs W Front we ewe wt W
the back the new good Nth hays we we we
5 Van hate sweets, seem 5 when Seen 'eatro healthy he even we
that he em We sweet INNS Keep dong ths em people Hattie t Trust he, t
becomes e ham
7 seem considers he whee, 'comrades we MI ehheh /our whee, so dont
get In min t
e have plenty er twee If heheehe ' better theh ye, go wt the gold
9 wee eh Go the anus hte W stud/ and _ out F/
need Same , seem 5 e good character In w he
to Make sure that e good Fiend er Yams 5 we Yam We!‘
Van must have , em sun exposure
12 If ye get Yam wt cut he seems, use e teem comb, we hm sure We
we whet the ' dong t Nth e pretteh we we t e the
back Part the bangs h the addle er Yam Forehead, we aee ever push theh
neithe Yam ear Also, NOTHING but absolutely straight wt MI do
13 Van cant pretend In be e eihter Please has eh gainful the Nigest grades
H Study e heme art, and keep h shape Get Same muscles, but dont w t eh
tee truck seem ' not earth thr'
15 seem doesnt brag, he sham people whet he 5 made er w he refulgence
is When seem aee outliers wk eh we wee, he eate waty and was In thew
defense, Van Do The Same!!!
17 seem gets perfect scores We straight Ar' s h he report cards
the ' optional, so van dont have In do the step Just be eheut
18 If heheehe challenges Wu In e hem, new them seem 5 he chcken, and
Wu shouldnt ether
19 Have e Cool we Tough simmers Stand en wt Yam whee
Make sure f van have e eta/ my adding Wu the ye pretend nut In notce
22 watt
seem we
seem ' yew (sung, but nut h e blubbery my He MI nut e
happen In he comrades Stand en wt Wu whee we Shawn? we meetteh
Seem waty
seem has mm haw h the back Use wt gel but dont go may Nth [n the
eithe ts natural teem
seem when has new Nth hte We but withthe dangerous
m eate, we dont say withthe unless es
seem rarely has the wt we h hte tte, he' s bent eh revenge)
Go alone, and en away wheh people we nut teem
seem 5 e must wet, so van must be e timer wet Van cant actually be sad
about t Van must WHEY berg w /curser
new we sarcasic 5 e sure my In [Maw err e e er people
on wet best In my hte Pratice wet stance, wet we
we hte
Try nut in be tee eager In do we NEVER want In Seem In eager
Wear blue DY Nth blacker Mute Anette
Write e Note
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User avatar #1 - snowshark
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(07/23/2014) [-]

How to be Sasuke Uchiha.

Step 1: Be a disappointment to your family.

Step 2: Take up professional faggotry.
User avatar #3 - diliges
Reply +7 123456789123345869
(07/23/2014) [-]
Also, he forgot the step to where you entire family has to be dead. inb4 Sasuke guy says no one can be like sasgay.
#2 - diliges
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(07/23/2014) [-]
#6 to #2 - tsds
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(07/23/2014) [-]
< Uchihalover.
< Uchihalover.
User avatar #8 to #6 - Tusura
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(07/24/2014) [-]
#7 - icewizardftw
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(07/24/2014) [-]
Don't forget ******* up the easiest ****.
Don't forget ******* up the easiest ****.
#5 - uchihalover
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(07/23/2014) [-]
no one can be like sasuke sama. he is one of a kind
#11 to #5 - anon id: 0671446a
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(07/27/2014) [-]
**anonymous rolled image** draw a circle thats the...
User avatar #4 - mrnpc
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(07/23/2014) [-]
You also forgot about him trying to kill his comrade because she was of no use to him.
User avatar #10 - tiltaz
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(07/24/2014) [-]
Scream "NARUTO" So people remember the shows name.
User avatar #9 - ferron
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(07/24/2014) [-]
Aside from the dude's hair fetish, this is all relatively good advice