One does not simply understand women. Source: Servant X Service. I can
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One does not simply understand women

Source: Servant X Service

I can
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Submitted: 07/03/2014
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#1 - kopn (07/03/2014) [+] (1 reply)
#2 - Womens Study Major (07/04/2014) [+] (4 replies)
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#3 - navyboyak (07/04/2014) [+] (1 reply)
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User avatar #9 - vladhellsing (07/04/2014) [+] (3 replies)
Well maybe if you had a better vocabulary, we wouldn't be having this problem.
#14 - animeiscancer (07/04/2014) [+] (19 replies)
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#20 to #14 - leagetshitpack ONLINE (07/04/2014) [-]
so do slaves
#4 - NinjaZombie ONLINE (07/04/2014) [-]
**NinjaZombie rolled image**
User avatar #36 - theguywhoaskswhy (07/04/2014) [+] (2 replies)
This makes perfect sense.
She kisses him to display her feelings then slaps him to avoid the over-eager slut paradigm.
Thus, regaining the power she lost when she initiated intimacy.
User avatar #32 - thatonesmartdude (07/04/2014) [-]
For most girls, kissing is a very intimate action. Her face gets very close to yours, she can smell your breathe, she can taste what you last ate, and she risks getting sick by exposing herself to whatever bacteria might exist in your mouth. Unless you're dealing with one of those almost robotic girls who shows little to no emotion, a girl will not kiss a guy unless she really likes him.

If a girl kisses you, you're supposed to kiss her back, maybe even hold her as you do so. If you return the kiss, you're telling her that you want to kiss her, suggesting that you like her as she obviously likes you.

If you just stand there, it tells her that you don't want to kiss her. That means you reject her, which hurts her feelings. Sometimes, when a girl has her feelings hurt, she doesn't know how to respond/cope and defaults to the animal instinct of returning the pain by delivering a slap to the face of the person who caused her pain.

Fun Fact:
The reason why two potential mates kiss each other is to taste the other's saliva and check for hormone levels. If the animal part of your brain detects good hormone levels in their saliva, it creates a pleasure sensation to tell you that this person is right for you. If two people thoroughly enjoy kissing each other, it means evolution says they're a good match.

However, these hormone levels are only related to how healthy a person is (Note: attractive people are typically healthier than ugly people). It says nothing as to the person's personality or level of intelligence. This is why stupid yet attractive people are considered to be better kissers than smart yet ugly people. This is also why many women go for douchebags: evolution tells her that he is a good mate purely on the basis that he is healthy.
User avatar #31 - dashieisbest (07/04/2014) [+] (1 reply)
gay anime is gay
User avatar #30 - yaboybtrue ONLINE (07/04/2014) [-]
Servant x Service woooooooooo
User avatar #21 - rejakted (07/04/2014) [+] (2 replies)
Is this anime any good?
User avatar #52 to #21 - darkangeloffire ONLINE (07/04/2014) [-]
It's funny, but does suffer the slice-of-life bit of nothing really... happens. Characters are funny though and that's really the meat of it.
#11 - slackerbro (07/04/2014) [-]
**** you, you bunch of melodramatic beta's with your animes.
User avatar #6 - awesomedewd (07/04/2014) [+] (5 replies)
Ah... I want more shows like SxS...
#34 to #6 - jimmytwoshoes (07/04/2014) [-]
i like your profile pic
User avatar #51 - megamolester (07/04/2014) [-]
They're a couple and he thinks that it's better to keep it a secret because he's taking care of his younger sister who is a bro-con sister loves brother and he at least wants to wait until his sister finishes high school until he makes their relationship official.

TL;DR he's a huge pussy and she's a stupid **** .
#41 - Womens Study Major (07/04/2014) [-]
yes you can put that into words.
onii-chan~.. b-b-b-baka!
#38 - Womens Study Major (07/04/2014) [-]
What she is saying is obvious......"I love you but GODDAMN you are stupid"
User avatar #17 - herecomesjohnny (07/04/2014) [-]
there's a story behind this though
User avatar #7 - enemyoftrn (07/04/2014) [-]
There's no 2nd season to this anime right?
#33 - docvolto ONLINE (07/04/2014) [-]
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