Obvious Choice. Three swords are better than one.... wit'. >Meet Zorro >Have a good time >Day 6, take him to some city >Drop him off >He can't find his way back to you >You live
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Obvious Choice

Three swords are better than one...

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Submitted: 10/11/2013
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User avatar #19 - gilliam (10/11/2013) [+] (1 reply)
>Meet Zorro
>Have a good time
>Day 6, take him to some city
>Drop him off
>He can't find his way back to you
>You live
User avatar #1 - nagafever (10/11/2013) [+] (7 replies)
is there a batman-like anime character? someone who doesnt kill no matter what, i mean
User avatar #2 to #1 - Mortuus (10/11/2013) [-]
Vash the Stampede.
#4 - northstar (10/11/2013) [+] (4 replies)
I would hang out with Krillin or Yamcha
User avatar #6 to #4 - revoll (10/11/2013) [-]
Do you acknowledge that,while being relatively weak,they could beat the **** out of every human on earth without even dropping a sweat?
User avatar #15 - elmoose **User deleted account** (10/11/2013) [-]
1: befriend Goku
2: get killed
3: get wished back
User avatar #13 - ghm (10/11/2013) [+] (1 reply)
can we choose to meet C.C. from code geass and get immorality?
User avatar #12 - AmekoHakujin (10/11/2013) [-]
You favorite character is Zoro and you say 'Three swords are better than one...'

Zoro ALWAYS be like " ***** , there's a difference between using 3 swords and using Santoryu".
#29 - xxxsonic fanxxx (11/09/2013) [-]
>Meet Yuno or Lucy
>Die on first day anyway
> ****
User avatar #28 - wearethemods (10/12/2013) [-]
One of the Lucky Star girls.

They couldn't kill me if they tried.
#25 - xxxsonic fanxxx (10/12/2013) [-]
ziomn and kamna
#24 - aedai (10/12/2013) [-]
Why not just pick Luffy, he only kills people who "kill" his crew, and I love the Straw Hats!

*source for this is One Piece Movie 6, the Baron Omatsuri one.
#17 - feffog (10/11/2013) [+] (1 reply)

User avatar #16 - mrwightproductions (10/11/2013) [-]
User avatar #8 - evilanakie (10/11/2013) [-]
seeing my fave character is takakazu abe
i think i can take a mechanic
User avatar #7 - brekashun (10/11/2013) [-]
i'm just gonna go hang with Konjiki no Yami....
User avatar #10 - roflcopterkklol **User deleted account** (10/11/2013) [-]
**** some people are sad....

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