Myths about Japan Part 2.. A lot of you have messaged me asking what happened to part 1. I made part 1 after I had been working for 50 hours a week for the last Japan myths People culture simpsons
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Myths about Japan Part 2.

Myths about Japan Part 2.. A lot of you have messaged me asking what happened to part 1. I made part 1 after I had been working for 50 hours a week for the last

A lot of you have messaged me asking what happened to part 1. I made part 1 after I had been working for 50 hours a week for the last two months so my grammar was.....less than perfect. English isn't my first language and I have to work very hard at it to keep speaking it fluently, so if my brain is tired my foreign starts to show.
Despite explaining that I was tired and the next ones would be better, I received a lot of negative comments which I chose to pay more attention to then the good ones. This led me to take it down due to pressure and a crumbled pride. I deeply deeply regret it and I am going to make up for it by posting it again with BONUS CONTENT!!!. Since I was asked so many questions about schools in Japan, I'm going to add them with my answers.
I want to thank all of you who gave me praise and for your many many questions. It reminded me of why I love teaching and sharing cultures with other people. ^_______^
I'd also like to thank my friend infinitereaper for reminding me that haters gonna hate and that you should focus on the people who enjoy the material the most.
Because of that, if people decide to complain in the future I will kindly ask them to go learn two languages very different from their own so I can judge their writing. (Just kidding I won't say anything >_____>)

Good news everyone! Because the
First comp was so popular I
decided to make another. This
comp will be covering some myths
surrounding the Japanese people
and their culture. s
As an added bonus I' ll be ml explain ehere part I
answering some questions asked in them in the description.
my last comp to mix things up. Don, worry it mi" he hie”.
Japanese people are actually
very curious about Foreigners
and love to ask questions about
where they are From. Being
I have been
asked every question From what
my Favorite Food is to my blood
A lot bad blood comes From _', h
the Fact that Foreigners can be am, matte, artery you go, the
very rude to them, and show a Best may to get along with the
respect Ftrw locals is to show respect. when
their Culture. in wine do " the ‘Romans do-
Honor is a very important thing in
Japanese culture even more so than
the Chinese. They' d rather die than
surrender (the way ofthe samurai' s or " C
their and there is no way to
say surrender in Japanese. it just
doesn' t exist. They would rather C
seppuku (basically suicide) than Bring C " ',l)
shame or dishonor their Family and is how it was
suicide is tolerated in Japan and some explained to me by my
think it is a way to maintain one' s elderly neighbor,
3. no Japan is WHY fr' ' anj
folio, even 1' f' yoa 111. 5721: .
You know what else Japan and
Russia have in common? People are
very Formal. and to a certain degree,
come " Being very cold in
public. The Japanese are very polite
and very VERY seldom speak to
people without honorifics or
Formalities. Like anybody. you
insult them they can lash out at you
or in most cases. simply ignore you
and walk away.
Hturt Fact: Bowing is a very
important custom in Japan.
and alert companies hold
classes on how to do it
4. Japanese culture is to aga/ bat
to How Flea m "
years in it country
that rivaled Japan in Formalities
so the culture shock didn' t hit
me that to
American culture was harder)
For others though it can be
very difficult to adjust to the
Formal way: the Japanese.
That does Dot metart " is Hes very important to research
impossible, it just takes a lot “mew you, going to visit
W practice , and Before you go there For this
to become comfortable. reason Lea", what to e, q, ect_..
5 filo Amaerican culture viewed?
To be honest, oi? Comrie, it
depends on the person you
meet. But over all. Japanese
people like American people.
when asked about it the First _
thing that usually comes out is, N
cool". since English is a
growing language in Japan, it
lot ofthem like to look to l _ .
m Mo W skeith "The only hate We really seen
english correctly. This is why are elderly people who where
Americans are usually the First wound For 10102, Dr those with it
choice as English teachers. superiority complex,_
6 Can you yet " Kaine In Japan as
you in "
American culture is very popular in
Japan so course you can get
popular media there. Most ofthe
time you just have to wait it little
longer For the released didn' t get
to see the new movie until
May 30th when it opened here.)
Like in America, there are special
shops you can go to in order to get
popular American mantids, dnosic, toys,
and shows.
1 had to go all the way to
Tokyo to get my Simmons
DVD' s since its not aired
here at all. Thankfully.
they play Game Thrones
or I would kill
Z Japanese [ample are Feaina leadah it
crane a ma an fbreader In a W. -, f’
Due to my Being engaged to a Japanese man "
well " seeing other Foreign teachers get
married here, I can say that tolerance varies ' .
From Family to Family. some Feel that you only F'
want to marry their child For citizenship while
others just Feel you are not worthy marrying '
into the Family. '
Since times are changing people are becoming g
more and more comfortable about the concept
marrying Foreigners into the Family. To be
honest, my parents where more skeptical about it
than my Future " get along now.) 'lrt
December I' ll be . A_ A
It' s about to get psychological guys.
when you come From a society
where sex is a very private matter
and should never be spoken
outside the Bedroom, the natural
reaction is to break out OI-‘ that box
and explore. This is the best way I
can explain sexuality in Japan.
We all have it strange pull towards
that which is different From what is just the Best may}
we know. and the Japanese are no can , it ah,,, he else
can explain it better please
share. But be pol' lte. ~
Inthis were the case. I would not
have it job here. Because Japan
does a lot trade with English
speaking countries, they Begin to
teach their students English "
early as preschool. Because
this, people assume they speak
English really well. Have you ever
learned a Foreign language! Unless
Assuming everyone in
W" mam “wk at m n IS tiery ham’ Japan speaks English is like
and not everyone puts " much
assuming everyone in
H-‘ Fort Into rt " others.
America speaks Spanish
How by is ana' gne m. IML'
You want to know the honest to god
truth. Anime and mama in Japan is "
popular " any comic or cartoon in
America. Kids here get up on skaturday
mornings to watch anime cartoons geared
at children and adults stay up to watch
anime cartoons geared at adults.
Just like in America, you have to go to
certain shops in Japan to Find those
anime or mango that make the otaku
Alright everyone that is
alli have For now. Join
me next time when I
cover the topic OF living
m Japan and their
Food culture.
IF I missed something
Feel Free to message me HF anyone has had a different
or leave it in the experience to share please Feel
comments 50193" Free to do SD. All I ask is that
answer it in Future you be polite about iv
comps. -Bizengaust
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