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#17 - ascendedwings (11/08/2012) [-]
ITT: Your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! card.
Old or new, doesn't matter.

Hieratic Dragon King of Atum
#461 to #17 - nyanturtwig ONLINE (11/09/2012) [-]
Probably one of my favorites, along with Exxod Master of the Guard for my rock deck
User avatar #364 to #17 - tigerbladedn (11/08/2012) [-]
Quasar Dragon.
cause why the hell not?
#83 to #17 - imperius (11/08/2012) [-]
This card has always been my favorite, mostly since I paired her with Solemn Wishes
User avatar #77 to #17 - Loppytaffy (11/08/2012) [-]
Raging Flame Sprite
If you have card saving monster effects and trap/spells, she's pretty much unstoppable after a few turns on the field.
#65 to #17 - deliciousdee ONLINE (11/08/2012) [-]
Love this guy
User avatar #45 to #17 - CRosBY (11/08/2012) [-]
I haven't played yugioh since i was ten but Im sitll pretty sure this card kicked ass if you had a fiend deck.
#46 to #45 - CRosBY (11/08/2012) [-]
Meant to post this.
User avatar #49 to #46 - ascendedwings (11/08/2012) [-]
yeah, if you have two of those on the field, your enemy can't attack at all, and both cards will have 2000 atk points each..
User avatar #51 to #49 - CRosBY (11/08/2012) [-]
I think there was also a magic card I had that boosted fiend mosters significantly.
#52 to #51 - ascendedwings (11/08/2012) [-]
Well, i don't play fiends...but Pandemoneum is usually the go to field spell for them.
There aren't that many good fiend decks out there anymore though.
#41 to #17 - feelythefeel (11/08/2012) [-]
Peten the Dark Clown.

Really under appreciated, it can be kick-ass to use for setting up something. Or at the very least for stalling a few turns.
User avatar #50 to #41 - ascendedwings (11/08/2012) [-]
gotta watch out for gravekeeper and DD decks though
User avatar #22 to #17 - epicCUBONE (11/08/2012) [-]
i had this bug thing i liked. i think it was called a man eater or something
User avatar #27 to #22 - jokeface (11/08/2012) [-]
I used to play Eternal Duelist Soul on Gameboy Advance and that little **** pissed me off so goddamn much when it got used against me...
User avatar #23 to #22 - FurryBalls (11/08/2012) [-]
Man eater bug. I loved that lil troll card.
User avatar #32 to #23 - PoptartsGalore (11/08/2012) [-]
Vindictive magician is also the **** . That and some sort of paladin thing i used. Spellcasters are the **** for combos
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