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i always thought the One Piece treasure was the adventure and the journey they had to find it, which to be honest is a lot better than friendship. also i'm only on episode 90, no spoilers please
#233 to #107 - anon id: a485a1d3
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funny fact = Luffy DOESN'T WANT TO KNOW whether one piece exists or not, since that is the whole point of his dream to be pirate king is to find out if it does or not, other wise it would be 'Boring'. According to Whitebeard's Dying words, it does actually exist. So what ever form it is in, it most definately will be worth the trip, Oda wouldn't do this to us, lest be known as the biggest troll of all time. but na whatever it is, its going to set the stage for future generations. IMO it might possibly be the key to the lost century, or something that 'turns off' the whole devil fruit power thing, meaning their existence fades into history.
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mfw their high five
mfw their high five